The first time I won the Le Mans 24 Hours | What is the memory that came to my mind?

$ 86400 for 24 hours. However, you can feel something more in the "Le Mans 24 Hours". An unforgettable, historic moment occurs. From a small episode to a big success story, emotions of joy and sadness are mixed in 24 hours. When the 24 Hours of Le Mans is held, the passion of each spectator who has been fascinated by the races at any time will unite and envelop the venue. Introducing the heroism at Le Mans, spoken by the people who have seen and felt such moments up close.

Jiz van Renep racing driver from the Netherlands twice won Le Mans

□ 1972: First overall champion
"I can't forget the moment when we won the overall championship at Le Mans. At the time, Helmut Marco and I were working on the Porsche 917 short tail, but the machine had an ultra-light magnesium space frame. Was announced after the race that the crew might have taken care to keep the driver from being nervous on the new machine.

Le Mans is special and always full of enthusiasm. I will never forget the memories of the race that won the victory on such a great stage. In the 1971 race, the scene at the moment of winning came to mind. It was a late-night stint, running on a high-speed straight in Junodiere at 350 km / h. The flame suddenly jumped in front of me. I think that the gasoline flowing into the circuit ignited. Immediately after the accident, a lower class machine wrapped in flames was already stopped at the left end of the course, and fortunately there were no rivals dead-heated and no vehicles lapping around. As soon as the yellow flag was waved, I drove slowly and overlooked the accident site on my left and nothing happened. ''

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