The first time in the history of Venus atmospheric temperature distribution measurement of the Univ. of Tokyo

The University of Tokyo 2 on May 27, Venus the lower layer from the mesosphere in which temperature distribution and atmospheric stability measurements,for the first time ever. announced.

【Here】Venus has volcanic activity even now continue found evidence Rice Research Institute

■The Earth similar to Venus

Venus and the Earth is a mass and size similar to on the other hand, the atmospheric environment is totally different. The Earth’s atmosphere of mostly nitrogen and oxygen, whereas the Venus atmosphere composed mainly of carbon dioxide only. Also the temperature is 460 degrees, pressure 90 ATM, a high-temperature and high-pressure environments Venus surface is one. Dark-sulfate consisting of clouds all the ball covering the point, the Venus specific distinctive features.

Venus observations is on the ground, large telescopes and satellites, it is also possible to use The been carried out. But Venus has thick clouds covered with clouds, layer from the bottom of the atmosphere structure of the observations was difficult.

■Doppler effect applied to the Venus atmosphere observations

The University of Tokyo Research Group,you and Venus Express, etc., of the Venus probe, utilizing advanced 40 km to 85 km of the atmosphere and temperature distribution,all spherical over the observed. The Doppler effect was applied to the radio occultation[not the tops] of the observation method, high precision and high resolution of Venus, the temperature of the altitude distribution measurement was made possible. By the same method that the observation has been done, and Venus all in the sphere over the data you can get, and for the first time in the history of this and that.

Observation of the results, altitude 60 km below the latitude increases the temperature decreases, whereas on the opposite trend is found. Or”Cold collar”called the local cold areas, latitude 65 degrees exist as well.

Research Group, the temperature distribution from the atmospheric stability was calculated for the latitude 70 degrees environment to air the stability of the region in the make a difference that turned out. The equator side is advanced 50 km from 55 km in the atmosphere of the unstable region exists. On the other extreme side, the atmosphere of the unstable area of the clouds layer to the bottom of it and on the way.

The results of this research, the Venus atmospheric circulation model building will contribute to their research group is excited about. Also, Venus clouds covering the mechanism of understanding would also help with that.

Details of the study, the international journal Scientific Reports to the 26 date that have been posted. [Article: Kadono 未智・The article list to look at]

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