The five letters of turbo are symbols of power and speed | BMW 2002 TURBO 1

A famous car that became a turning point in the history of modern turbo cars

The present age when downsizing became the absolute source. Turbocharging is also recognized as an ecological technology that supports it, but turbo technology in the 1970s and 1980s was an advanced technology that was allowed only for a few high-performance vehicles. The five letters of "turbo" had a meaning to power and speed for enthusiasts at the time.

The beginning of this high-performance turbo era was the BMW 2002 Turbo, which was the first European mass-produced car to adopt turbos and debuted at the Frankfurt Show in the fall of 1973.

In the field of aircraft engines, BMW had already had a wealth of turbo experience in the 60's, but first chose motorsport as a test site in order to apply its technology to cars. This process is exactly the same as the Porsche 930 Turbo, which debuted about half a year after the 2002 Turbo appeared.

In 1969, the BMW Works Team, which later became BMW Motorsports [now M], became one of the five most popular titles in the European Touring Car Championship [ETC] at the time. For this, a 2002tik equipped with a turbocharger ["K" at the end is an acronym for Kompressor] was launched. He won the season's Constructors' title, whilst spinning powerful rivals such as the Porsche 911.

"TURBO" and "2002" stickers printed in reverse characters are symbols of the 2002 Turbo. At the time, many imitation stickers were sold.

The wheels are eight 14-inch RS Watanabe spokes. It is said that the owner also keeps genuine wheels and tires.

Deep-shaped bucket seats have been standard equipment since this era. The skin is vinyl leather.

The rear is equipped with a soft urethane spoiler as standard. This was also fashionable at the time.

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