The futures Outlook: Sentiment as well as the deterioration of more cheap

*08:17JST Mothers futures Outlook: Sentiment as well as the deterioration of more cheap
Today’s Mothers futures,the previous week at the end of the leader, such as the external environment of instability, a feeling of disgust, and continued weak developments have a long way to go to do it. The previous week at the end of the U.S. market, 新型肺炎 of the spread of infection and concerns over and and sales, preceded by New York the Dow indices for. Sounds like a plan, but the market is”新型肺炎 of infection have continued to expand in,the market is large crumble state, is one of the excessive concerns are receding”and the voice heard. However, the major corporate earnings diminished only to corporate performance than 新型肺炎 infection trends in investor interest in May. Meanwhile, domestic major enterprises of China’s factory shutdown extended and the number of those infected with the expansion of the various media coverage from the faces. In fact, the sentiment of the worse to represent, as the futures at the end of last week to 2 percent and significantly fell, followed by the Knight during the session, further to the devaluation,820pt units value lower can. On the other hand, the positive side to it,earnings season will go through the environment, the new material difficult because the investment funds during the intermission, connecting the future in the form of medium and small sized stocks, the shift may be, in that case, the futures and positive impact on the deployment is also assumed so. The upper limit of the address is 835. 0pt,the fate of the next tranche of Main is 820. 0pt can. 《YN》

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