The “Ghostbusters / Afterlife” trailer is open to the public who has taken over the ghostbusters heritage


The “Ghostbusters / Afterlife” trailer is open to the public who has taken over the ghostbusters heritage

Popular sci-fi comedy movie released in 1984Ghost BustersAnd then published in 1989Ghostbusters 2The latest work "sequel to"Ghostbusters / Afterlife"The trailer has been released. Directed by two GhostbustersIvan LightmanThe son ofJUNOOrMileage, My LifeWas nominated for an Academy Director AwardJason Lightman. Also, the appearance of the original cast has been reported in some media.

"Ghostbusters / Afterlife" notice 1 released in 2020-YouTube

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Oklahoma's vast wilderness

Trevor (act: What did you come to in the countryside?)Fin Wolfhard)

Trevor's mother Carrie (acting: "Life is difficult …")Carrie Coon) It seems that the children are not explaining the reason for moving …

It seems that the house where they lived was driven out by the eviction order.

Phoebe, a sister who loves science (act:McKenna Grace)

Trevor emigrated with his family to Oklahoma's countryside where the estate and plantation inherited from his grandfather.

When Trevor is talking, suddenly the ground shakes a lot …

Mysterious smoke that shines green from the shaft will blow out.

“There are no crust plates, faults, mining sites, or live venues.”

Phoebe tells Phoebe that "the ground is shaking every day", "Gruberson," a local suspicious scientist (act:Paul Rudd)

Carry instructing Phoebe and Trevor to “get under the table”

A family intimidated by a mysterious earthquake

One day, Phoebe succeeded in releasing the mysterious device on the floor

A machine that I have seen somewhere came out from under the floor.

"It's a stunning replica …"

"What replica?"

"Ghost trap"

What Gruberson showed to Phoebe …

News video of Ghostbusters who was active in New York in the 1980s.

With the PKE meter that Ghost Busters used to detect ghosts, Phoebe goes to the hut on the farm.

There was a mysterious research facility.

A lot of dubious petri dishes

And a proton pack placed on the desk

Green light leaks from Gruberson's ghost trap. Is the ghost still trapped inside?

Along with Gruberson's question, "Who are you?", What is projected on the screen is the work clothes that are stitched with the "Spengler" patch.

And Trevor found …

A large object covered by a cover.

On the other hand, there were many mysterious phenomena around Phoebe.

Mysterious smoke passes and all the school bus windows are broken.

Phoebe illuminated by a mysterious light

In a tattered hut …

A mysterious monster that rides on the hood of the car Trevor got in

The engine starts …

When the garage opens, the Ecto-1 license plate once used by Ghostbusters will be displayed.

Ecto-1 exploding in the field

Phoebe riding a proton pack on the back seat

The chair jumps out …

It looks like a machine gun turret.

Ecto-1 runs out of town while shooting the proton pack's neutron beam.

The beam breaks through the city and proceeds.

“Ghostbusters / Afterlife” will be released in 2020.

In addition, he played Igon Spengler, who is a regular member in the first work and the second work, and in the trailer is also implied to be Phoebe's grandfatherHarold ReimisDied in 2014, but was also a regular memberDan AykroydWhenArnie HudsonIs not a cameo appearance, as Dr. Raymond Stanz and Winston Zedmore respectivelyAppeared as an original castThenHas been reported. Also,Bill MurrayAs Dr. Peter Benkman, Dan Aykroyd also appeared in the original castTalking.

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