The glory of Porsche 917 called the strongest and fastest racing machine

In the history of motorsport, Porsche has made many glories.

In front of Porsche   917, which was said to be the strongest and fastest racing machine, what was standing at the time was not a rival, but a change in regulation. At the end of 1967, when the new rules of the World Maker Championship came into effect, Porsche decided to develop a new Rensport that could compete in a class with a displacement of up to 5 liters. The 917, which was developed as a successor to the 907/908 that had been successful until then, was equipped with an air-cooled 12-cylinder engine, and its output was 580ps//8300 rpm in 1970.

Then, on June 14, 1970, Porsche, who currently has a total of 16 times Le Mans overall victory, brought a memorable first victory. Porsche Salzburg's  917 short tail [#23] operated by Hans Hermann/Richard Attwood who ran 343 laps and 4607. In the 2nd place, Martini 917 of Gerard La Roose/Villy Kausen and Porsche 908/02 operated by Rudy Rins/Helmut Marcopea are in 3rd place, achieving a brilliant 1-2-3 finish.

Year of manufacture: 1970
Class: Sports car
Engine: V-12 engine [180°]Displacement: 4494cc
Maximum output: 580ps [426kW]Vehicle weight: 800kg
Maximum speed: 340km/h
Main achievements: 1970 Le Mans overall victory
Driver: Hans Hermann, Richard Attwood

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