The happiness that Kuwano chooses is … "The man who still can't get married"

The final episode of the series drama “Man who cannot marry yet” [Tuesday 9pm] starring actor Hiroshi Abe [55] will be broadcast on the 10th.

This is the second popular series in 13 years since the previous man "Men who can't get married". Single architect Shinsuke Kuwano, played by Abe, is sarcastic and ironic. He listens to hobby classical music with great sound, and has a “nature” that enthusiastically swings a conductor according to the tone.

Yoshida sheep [45] who plays Madoka Yoshiyama, a lawyer who conflicts with Kuwano, said, “When I realized that the opponent I thought was just fighting was actually a valuable existence that I could really collide with, In the past, Madoka was actually caught up with Mr. Kuwano, “Oh?”, But she did n’t realize that it was “in a good sense”. Madoka realizes her feelings, but the love of adults who are aged is complicated, especially if friendship is involved.Please pay attention to Madoka's clumsiness, which is contrary to her true intentions. It reveals the delicate adult romance that can't be moved by just like it.

At the beginning of filming, Yoshida said that there was something like pressure on the work and role. "" This work is Hiroshi Abe ". I'm exhausted. This was the pressure I felt at first, but if I was involved in Mr. Kuwano every time, it was a natural relationship. I remember that my shoulders were lost from the middle. ”Everyone, including me, loved and was excited about Mr. Kuwano. It was a great meaning that I was able to participate in this work because I gained a lot of learning as an actor because of the delicacy and precision of Abe-san's role creation. “I feel happy to be swayed” may be because I was a fan of Mr. Kuwano [laughs].

Appearing in this work also changed Yoshida's view of marriage. “ I used to want to get married once in my life, but this time I just knew that Kuwano's lines were sympathetic, and I think Mr. Kuwano would be happy, so I thought I could live happily alone. “If I was single throughout my life, it was Mr. Kuwano.”

In the final round, a wife who wants to divorce Kimura [Masayuki Ito], who is in charge of house design by Kuwano [Abe], will file a lawsuit against construction. Moreover, his wife's defense attorney is Madoka [Yoshida], and Kuwano, who went to court as a husband's witness, faces Madoka in the courtroom.

As the cafe manager Yukie Tanaka [Izumi Inamori] and the young actress Saki Tonami [Mai Fukagawa] watched over, the controversy heats up Kuwano and Madoka's controversy. However, some words of Madoka echo in Kuwano's chest. There is also a feeling in Yukie's chest when he saw these two figures …

Under such circumstances, Madoka, who knew that her mother living in Nagano was not in good health, was wondering if she should return to her home and take over her lawyer's office. Yukie who heard the story has a complicated feeling. On the other hand, Kuwano, who does not know the circumstances, comes to Madoka's office and says that there is something to see, and takes out a blueprint.

Kuwano, who has always enjoyed singles, has never made marriages or lovers because of his personality and love for personality. However, Madoka, who has had a deep relationship while fighting, will Yukie, who has been watching over Kuwano positively, bring about a change in Kuwano's view of life that did not shake? 100 years of life. What is Kuwano's last choice of happiness?

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