The harmful gas is extraterrestrial life found the key to a Rice University study

Human on the planet, including the majority of living organisms,breathing and more oxygen to body will metabolism to. On the other hand, bacteria such as metabolism do not require oxygen organism is present. These anaerobic organisms derived from phosphine [phosphorus hydrogen]is extraterrestrial life found help and, according to a Rice University study made by a group.

【Here】Water is the star in extraterrestrial life is to be lived and not

■Toxic to gas

The link hydrogen is toxic, some flammable inorganic compound was. Penguin and marshes, fish and raccoon from the bowels of also detected.

Link hydrogen in the 1970s to Jupiter and Saturn etc the gas type planets discovered in. The planet surface convection layer of pumped effect in hydrogen is accidentally generated and considered. On the other hand, the Earth like a rock type planet at present. However, anaerobic organisms, produced by the point in the gas-type planets of the case and the circumstances are different.

The link hydrogen is known about this is not many. Why 2 different type of planet from the activated hydrogen is generated from rice, MIT and Clara Sousa-Silva Mr. is 10 years we have worked on the theme as well. He is on Earth in the hydrogen-like you noticed, an oxygen requiring aerobic organisms to release prussic acid is poisonous is activated to generate hydrogen anaerobic organisms as oxygen is toxic as well. This is the link hydrogen is the existence of life traces, and the possibility that that.

■Standing problems

Link activated hydrogen from exoplanet can be detected, if extraterrestrial life could exist considered. The only problem is,rock type planetary phenomena by the process hydrogen is generated to eliminate the possibility that you can do. Natural phenomena as plate tectonics and flow of stars collision is considered. Sousa-Silva Mr, including MIT and the California Institute of Technology Research Group,the possible elimination of years of research spent on that. The results of the study,Rock type planet by an organism of hydrogen generated were confirmed.

Exoplanet’s atmosphere from the reduction of the hydrogen detection from the planet of the spectrum of light from The turned out can.
The 2021 launch of the James Webb Space Telescope, the 16 light-years away detected even possible.

Extraterrestrials suggest the presence of a compound of candidates is more than 16,000 already. But the majority of the compound is characterized already, and only you can trust of prussic acid do.

“Life is the only compound that can produce turned out to be gold digging or like”and,Sousa-Silva says that.

The results of research is Astrobiology Magazine 11 on May 22 have been published. [Article: Kadono 未智・The article list to look at]

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