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*09:00JST hashtag in the aftermath【Record・column] The Prosecutor’s retirement age over raising the issue of the Shinzo Abe administration duration is shrunk in…… Next 9 months of the LDP President as the term of consciousness began to appear,under the Surface power struggle unfolds as well. However, at the moment, but the successor is to find the twists and turns is expected.

The government this year 1 month, 63-year-old in retirement was the Tokyo setting of the Kurokawa 弘務 Prosecutor length [time]of the term of office of the six months extension approved by the Cabinet, and the opposition from the”unwarranted intervention”and been criticized for. The Cabinet at the discretion of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Executive retirement age extended to allow the Prosecutor’s Office Act amendment to the protests, hash tags of Twitter by celebrities to mediate the tremendous momentum on the Internet diffusion. The outfield voices of disrespect for Prime Minister Abe also vote from, and the centripetal force drops exposed.

The government of the corona and the ominous, such as the response to The asked the 5 April poll,the Abe administration’s disapproval is hard to exceed, but at that time still the Prime Minister’s measures, or 4 to choose from with the main scenario was in. It is impossible, even in Washington conducted from the 石破茂 former Executive thing length of winning is expected,Fumio Kishida Policy Research Council 禅譲 influence the possibility to leave too. However, Kurokawa and Mr.”Wager challenge”reports, the situation completely changed.

Former LDP members such as, according to it by 4 Then possibilities are almost disappear, the future is baton touch of timing to seek to expand them. The new coronavirus of new infections is on the decline, and the emergency Declaration is in the Metropolitan area is soon to be released direction. Parcels meaning in regular session closing time of year is perfect for the economy, regeneration responses in the middle free out of total tenure days constitutional government and the longest regime of lowering the rating, and more.

Therefore, the successor and is in full swing of summer and it is Prime Minister Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party in the succession that underscored them. Therefore, attention should be paid to 11 in February also performed the Osaka metropolis scheme, come to question the referendum is. “Favor”in many long-cherished wish come true if you were a member of the Yoshimura airline Governor is a big limelight,the Governor, the Deputy representative of the Japan Restoration Association of voice increase it.

Also, the Liberal Democratic Party National Democratic Party interests, and the equal of the adviser to The 小池百合子 the Governor of Tokyo[7 March election in the re-election of the premise]and with activation it. The Meiji Restoration and the National Democratic to the Liberal Democratic Party to boost the regime of the establishment are also considered. So,the Liberal Democratic Party backing for the New Komeito’s position more difficult. However, the American presidential election results by New Komeito is the eye of the storm also.

That is, of the Democratic Party, Biden former Vice President is the incumbent of the presidency if you want to beat the Abe administration level reduction will be inevitable. In that case, the parents of the Central line of the US Democratic Party and to keep pace with for ultra C seats as the core of The 政権構想 popping it. From the Socialist Party Chairman, but the Prime Minister came to think of it,the possibility is not zero or one. Either way, the future for the LDP area engulfed the political situation to say so.

[吉池 Wei]

* They are also author’s personal view is,our view does not represent. 《YN》

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