The highest in the history of 116 years! │Rolls-Royce Worldwide Sales Record Set

Rolls-Royce posted record sales in 2019 in its 116-year history. Delivered to customers in more than 50 countries around the world, the number of vehicles increased by 25% from FY2018 to 5,152 units. Among the models that contributed to this record, SUV Cullinan, but models that symbolize Rolls-Royce such as phantoms, dawns, and ghosts have also increased sales, and the announcement of the black badge model is supported by those seeking individuality It became one.

In the global market, Rolls-Royce continues to expand sales in North America, China, and Europe [including the United Kingdom], but sales in Russia, Singapore, Japan, Australia, Qatar, and South Korea were highest in 2019. It became the lineup. In 2019, new dealerships will be established in Brisbane and Shanghai, and a flagship dealership on Berklee Street in London is under construction to double and reopen in late 2020. .

For Rolls-Royce customers who want a special one, the company has also announced a luxurious embroidery and a custom version with a glittering roof like a starry sky. In addition, Rolls-Royce has also announced pastel-colored pops for the younger generation, and branding tailored to each individuality may be the factor that led to this record. .

"We are delighted with the results, but we are still protecting our valuable and exclusive brand. Many customers around the world are seeking SUV Cullinan," said Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Müller Eötvös. That would have been a success in 2019, and I think it will be a brand stability in 2020. And the result is not only cars, but also customer passion, Rolls-Royce technology, Goodwood This is achieved by teams working in factories and dealers around the world. "

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