The Hollywood Walk of Fame is the first car model to be added!

The Hollywood Walk of Fame, the name of a number of stars engraved on the road, is the first car model name to be added. The name was added to the Chevrolet Suburban and Tahoe, one of America's leading SUV models.

Suburban has appeared in 1750 films since 1952 and has been active in more than 30 of the award-nominated films. Tahoe has also been a hot seller in movies and TV shows every year since 1995. They can be ambulances, sometimes police cars, and even military vehicles. In recent years, he has been active in hero movies and action movies. "When a black suburban appears on the screen, it means you shouldn't leave your seat," commented Hollywood movie car coordinator Dennis McCarthy.

Nominators [sponsors and movie distributors] must pay the award $ 40,000 [as of January 2, 2020] to set up this star, but have been active in a variety of films It has not been disclosed whether GM Motors paid for the car award.

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