The Honda City Turbo has been talked about with a new concept and unique body shape

The turbo engine has been newly developed. We have created a completely new turbo engine "COMBAX" [high-density fast-flame combustion principle], which is not an evolution that simply incorporates units into existing engines.

ホ ン As has been done with the Civic CVCC engine, Honda has surprisingly beat the specs by changing the shape of the combustion chamber. The new conical-shaped new funnel-type combustion chamber can prevent knocking without significantly reducing the compression of the combustion chamber to cover the increase in combustion pressure due to turbocharging.

The total length of 3380 adds to the fun of the turbo engine. It adopts MacPherson strut-type four-wheel independent suspension and comes standard with front and rear stabilizers. From the tires located at the four corners of the body, the feeling of slipping is enough to satisfy the driver.

After that, the city evolved. The model "Turbo II" with an intercooler added in 1983 appeared. He was nicknamed Bulldog. A cabriolet was added in 1984, and a city with a high-power and refreshing image was born.

In 1986, the city became the second generation, changing from the original high roof to a low-low style.

The sides were painted black, red, and blue to match the body color. The photo is for the red body. Honeycomb grille can be tilted to the front

A shift knob that extends long to get closer to the driver is also a characteristic feature.

When you open the large rear hatch, you can see a red cover on the floor where the spare tire fits. The interference of the tire house is small, and the luggage space is large enough.

Aluminum wheels exclusively for City Turbo.

Hachimaru Hero vol.12 December 2009 [All contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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