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The horror action game Dying Light 2 will be released indefinitely. It takes "time to realize vision"

Techland / Square Enix
The launch of “Dying Light 2”, the sequel to “Dying Light”, a parkour action horror game scheduled for spring 2020, has been postponed indefinitely. Techland, the developer, does not state the reason for the delay, but will share information about the development in the coming months. There are several possible reasons for the postponement, but at the time of the announcement, Dying Light 2 was explained that the game content and the world greatly changed depending on the player's behavior pattern, and there were over 100 options available. Players also decide which of the two organizations to work with and how to rescue the character.

And a delay in release time without a deadline is likely to mean that the game structure needs to be drastically changed to realize a novel concept.

However, if the release is too slow, you have to worry about the presence of PlayStartion 5 and Xbox Series X, which will appear at the end of 2020. No matter how good the game is, even after the new hardware comes out, there is a possibility that it will lose both topicality and player interest. However, Dying Light 2 has also announced support for new hardware.

Since the beginning of the year, remakes of "Final Fantasy VII" and releases of "Marvel's Avengers", "Marvel Iron Man VR", and "Cyberpunk 2077" have been announced one after another. cc


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