The hospitality and cleaning industry in the business sentiment worsening trend in the JFC survey

Japan Finance Corporation for 7 months from 9 months of hygiene related sales of economic trends released,Index the 2 fiscal years compared with the same period of the previous year and was severe I found that.

【Here】Food and accommodation industry, foreign tourists marketing efforts is about 3% JFC survey

■Business conditions DI of the 2 years to improve

8, the life in Japan Finance Corporation in 2019 7 April from 9 in March and hygiene related business economic trends, etc. of Rome and the Smithsonian Institution’s Consortium for understanding and sustaining a biodiverse planet. Economic conditions diffusion index [Trend Index]-21.9 for the same period a year ago-23. 9 from 2. 0 points, an increase of 2 years to improve.

Industry turn around of the ice and snow sales[16.4,year-to-year comparison 16. 4 point increase], beauty salon[-19.0,the 0. 4 point increase], cinema [27.3,the 14. 0 point increase] of 3 industries only. Cleaning[-45.8,the 52. 1 point decrease], and public baths[-43.5,the 15. 1 point decrease] and other 6 Industries is getting worse.

■The cleaning industry but sales, profitability and worse

Sales DI-21.3 in the same period last year-25. From 5 to 4. 2 point increase,2 consecutive improving. By industry, the cinema[34.5,year-to-year comparison 13. 1 point increase], such as 5 sectors improved,Hotel / Inn[-10.2,the 16. 8 point decrease], cleaning[-37.1,the 21. 4 point decline] such as 4 sectors deteriorated.

Profitable DI-3.5 in the same period last year of-6. 7 from 3. 2 point increase,3 consecutive years has continued to improve. By industry, the ice and snow sales[10.9, the same 22. 0 point increase], such as 5 industries in the improved cleaning [16.9,33.6 points decline] such as 4 sectors deteriorated.

■Cinema passengers average spending per customer and improve

Passengers DI-26. 3 in the same period last year of 31. 5 from 5. 2 point increase in 2 consecutive year of improvement. Industry in cinema [27.3,25.5 points increase], such as 3 industry, improved hotel・Ryokan[-18.1,the 14. 3 point decrease], cleaning[-40.2,the 17. 4 points reduced], including 6 industries deteriorated.

Customer spending, DI-12.7 in the same period last year-14. 9 from 2. 2 point increase here is also 2 consecutive improved. Industry in cinema[16.4,the 20. 0 point increase], such as 3 sectors has improved, and cleaning[-33.0,the 11. 3 point decrease], such as 5 industries in the worse. Meat・eat chicken industry [-25.5]is unchanged and was.

■Japan-South Korea relations worse Ryokan・hotel industry affect

19 years 10 months from the 12 month period of business conditions DI is-23.4 predicted, and the 7 on to 9 period more 1. 5 points of negative with the same period last year-22. 7 from 0. 7 points of that.

Regions of a distinctive movement, the food industry, hotels and Inns industry in Korea-Japan relations deteriorate and there is this stand out. However”including foreign tourists customers lost not remain”[Ishikawa Prefecture, and drinking places],”tourists and,in the southern Kyushu high school gross players・cheer, etc. of nights stay of demand the occupancy rate is stable, high and strong that”[Kumamoto Prefecture,hospitality]such as strong and so on.

The Rugby World Cup”[the training camp the camp was a]eating and drinking the hotel in the not like,most benefits are not”[Saitama, social work],”accommodation booking less the situation”[Hyogo Prefecture,hospitality]would expect much of this.

Underhanded about”[the chef and the labor shortage] to the customer booking to limit that and get gone”[Aomori, and drinking places],”[staff shortage] 10 month from the Daytime of lunch only to shrink not”[Miyazaki,other eateries]such as the opinions of our customers. [Article: Township, Changhua County momentum・The article list to look at]

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