The hotel industry,7 years of continuous growth of tourists, the tailwind overseas promotion and invigorated

In 2019 the number of foreign tourists to Japan is 3188 million in the year-on-year 2. 2%of the steady increase. Rugby World Cup impact in Western Australia for tourists, but can be larger. Diplomatic relations worsened in the second half of Koreans has significantly declined as a whole is one of growth.

Number of customers is 2. 2%growth for the consumption amount is 6. 5% and growth in its economic effects also could be huge. This year 20-year the Tokyo Olympics is more than last year, the pulling effect can be expected. Hotels etc. of inbound-related industries to this large effort.

1 month 21 days to the Yano Research Institute, the hotel’s domestic market survey,the Market Size, Market Entry, industry trends, future prospects revealed the report is made public.

2018 fiscal year of the domestic hotel market-based sales of 2 trillion 291 billion last year, compared with 5. 6%of the large growth 7 consecutive years of positive growth and record high levels and was. This growth on the background of domestic economic conditions due to favorable domestic travel firm and corporate travel demand, in addition to the increase in foreign visitors to Japan surge in accommodation demand big towing and and inbound demand impact seems greater.

Currently, the hotel industry most focus on marketing strategy and inbound efforts to like. Especially in the year of the Tokyo Olympics, more than ever, are expected to increase the number of foreign visitors to incorporate new stores and large-scale renovations such as investing to expand the movement by becoming so.

The foreign guests to the target price of the high upper floors of the renovation, and the number of foreign visitors aware of the multiple number of available rooms of the room as actively as they are. The foreign guests such as requests from a lot of free Wi-Fi service with the introduction of the language of the tablet to put the most positive.

Also, the sales promotion in overseas marketing activity, activation, and access to overseas office,overseas hotel affiliated with the mutual efforts, the movement also stand out. Accommodation unit price rising cost of the hotel away part is find a Central location for nationwide in major cities and major tourist destinations such as hotel occupancy is at a high level of continues to increase,room rates also remain high situation.

19 Fiscal about the various international large-scale events・international conferences are planned in future tourists, mainly for accommodation demand is expected to grow. In the report of the above background reasons, the 19 year market size year on year 5. 8%, an increase of 2 trillion 1468 billion to expand and is estimated to. (Editor in charge:Kubota 雄城)

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