The image of the room from the AI is searching for a property, Avant is developing

Real estate agent-oriented systems as well as development to test[Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Japan]is 14 days,”and””settle down”, such as subjective image from the AI is a real estate property search system,the University of Electro-Communications[Chofu, Tokyo] have jointly developed and announced.

【Here】RPA technology and AMBITION, the real estate industry for the RPA・AI provides a tool for the new company

Conventionally, the nearest station from a distance and room size,floor plan and other information must a real estate property you can find, but this system has been put into practical use, the customer from the image of the property can be that.

Avant is a leading real estate brokerage firm for system development and consulting, and using an image search system, and search for the image processing such as proven. But the property search is Location, Location, floor plan and condition you need to enter the atmosphere of the room, the image of only from the search you did.

Because of this, the computer image recognition and analysis,such as the search for new image processing technology working on a research for the Univ. of Electro-Communications artificial intelligence Advanced Research Center, Yuki vines, associate Professor of the laboratory, in collaboration with the human sense close to the property you can search for AI technology in the development of working.

In this system, the properties of the image and the image of the room to represent”the image feature vector”is generated. On the other hand,”bright”,”it””settle””large and”such as”sensitivity language”from the”sensitivity vector”to generate and respond to each other can the property, search.

Thus, the location and layout of specific information, a”this room is good”, a vague image only, from the properties of the candidate will be able to choose that. Real estate properties for”sensitivity language”concept, take a Image by search and.

Two,this system of”property information search system,property information search methods, and listings search programs”and the name,the basic patent was filed. Avant is”the customer is ideal and depicts a living space fit into the image of a property has can help you more, but this time the system of the future,widely to the real estate company have provided for”as that.

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