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Family martI have actually eaten "Kiraitei Mazesoba" released on June 30, 2020, so I will review it.

I have summarized the honest impressions, so please refer to it.

■What is Famima "Kiraitei Mazesoba"?

"Kiraitei Mazesoba", which is sold exclusively by FamilyMart, is a cup noodle whose deciding factor is soy sauce and maimaro paste based on chicken and pork.

A popular series supervised by "Rairaitei", a ramen chain that operates mainly in Shiga Prefecture.

The ramen offered by Rairaitei, which features "light soup and rich back fat", is said to have a good reputation for the Kyoto-style soy sauce chicken glass soup.

It is developed as one of the familiar high-class cup noodles at FamilyMart.

The ace cock that the pig in the cock is impressive is in charge of manufacturing.

The point is egg yolk-style Kimimaro paste

The point of this Mazesoba is the egg yolk-style "kimimaro paste."

Since it seems to be used in other cup noodles in Ace Cock, the expected value will rise sharply.

In addition to Kimimaro paste, the attached bag is a total of 4 points including "seasoned sauce", "furikake" and "kayaku".

The "kayaku" that I put in first was green onions, cut char siu, onions, and menma.

The noodle amount is as large as 130 g!

The calorie per meal is 738 kcal, and the fat is 32.2 g, which is quite heavy, but the noodle amount is 130 g, which is a nice volume for people who eat a lot.

It's a cup noodle that gives you a lot of tension when you want to go crazy.

Thick soy sauce and mamasoro paste are appetizing!

After pouring boiling water for 5 minutes, I was able to cook, so I immediately tried it.

The moment I ate a bite, the flavor of garlic and the taste of thick soy sauce were very effective and I felt an impact.

After that, the mellow and gentle taste of Kimimaro paste spreads all over the mouth, making a perfect match with the thick sauce.

It was not just thick, it had a deep flavor because it was pork chicken based soy sauce.

In addition, the amount of oil and fat reminiscent of soba is exquisite.

Fry noodles are very thick, thin noodles that are often entwined with soy sauce sauce.

Since it is flat, it has a pleasant texture and the moderate elasticity of the noodles makes it an excellent eating response.

The more you chew, the more delicious the sauce, oil and fat, and fish meal.

"Kiraitei Mazesoba" is fascinating with its 130g noodle volume and its rich seasoning.

The yolk-style Kimimaro paste's mild richness and harmony with fish meal were exquisite.

Store: Family Mart
Menu: Rairaite Mazesoba
Price: 248 yen (tax included)
Official site:Rairaitei Mazesoba|Family Mart

(Sentence/Photograph ☆mee☆)
(Edit: Karko)

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