The Integra where the Emperor was riding! 1One of the first VTEC's to have fun running fast | Honda Integra 3-door Coupe XSi Vol.3

As you may know, Integra was used by the Emperor to move around the Imperial Palace.

The grade is unknown, but it is a 4-door hardmetal top with a metal cover, which is considered an option.

Integra, who made his debut in the year of his throne, regained his attention in the year of his abdication.

昌 Mr. Masahiro Kimura who has succeeded in connecting two such Integras.

My first car was a black XSi, and I bought a new car in 1989 because of styling.

However, after running 200,000 km, the breakdown continued, and I felt painful, "Is it the limit soon?"

He considered other vehicles of MT, but could not get the consent of his family, and said that he switched to the current individual about 11 years ago, saying "if the same model".

Kimura is an old fan who also owns Hino Contessa.

Therefore, the analysis of the 30-year-old Integra says that "cars of this age are less electronically controlled, so they are less fragile and easier to repair. The exhaust gas system is also more durable and easier to maintain."

However, he is sensitive to the supply of parts, and obtains and stocks many new parts almost at the same time as purchase.

He said, "There is no major problem with this individual, unlike the first one, so we want to maintain this condition."

At present, I'm enjoying Legacy as a reed car, so I enjoy Integra only on holidays.

However, he said, "It's 160ps for a vehicle weight of just over 1 ton, so it's fun to ride."

B16A type with the world's first variable valve timing and lift mechanism that achieved 100 liters of liters. The 5-speed MT car is 160ps, but the 4-speed AT car is detuned to 150ps.

The stylish form stands out from the Civic and CR-X sold at the same time.

An optional corner pole was installed on the front and rear of the vehicle. The front switch is operated with a switch, and the rear switch moves up and down in conjunction with the reverse gear.

Hachimaru Hero May 2019 vol.53 [All the contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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