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"On sale at LawsonUchi Café x GODIVA Chocolat TourbillonI tried to eat

Reward sweets "Uchi Café x GODIVA Chocolat Tourbillon"

"Uchi Café x GODIVA Chocolat Tourbillon" collaborated with Lawson and Godiva is now available!

The roll cake, which is also synonymous with Lawson's sweets brand "Uchi Café," has evolved into a reward sweet with chocolate chocolate supervised by Godiva!

It looks gorgeous. Just like the king of convenience suites.

If you look closely, you can see that the cream squeezed on the top is not one type but two types.

Dark chocolate cream has a mild sweetness, and milk chocolate cream has a sweetness in it, so you can enjoy the change in taste depending on which you eat with.

If you cut it in half, you can see that the inside is layered.

The mousse, ganache, and soco had some crispy puffs, making the texture very interesting.

When you try it, a soft chocolate sponge is entwined with a soft sponge, and a crispy puff adds a pleasant texture. Godiva is so high quality that you can feel the scent of cacao with bitter, not too sweet!

The price is 450 yen, which is a high-priced item among convenience stores, but I thought it was cheap considering the quality and convenience stores.

As an occasional reward sweetsUchi Café x GODIVA Chocolat TourbillonI recommend it!

Store: Lawson
Menu: Uchi Café x GODIVA Chocolat Tourbillon
Price: 450 yen (tax included)
Official site:Uchi Café x GODIVA Chocolat Tourbillon | Lawson Official Website

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