The latest situation of recruitment and salary of engineers working in Silicon Valley, such as "What is the most profitable engineer?"


The latest situation of recruitment and salary of engineers working in Silicon Valley, such as "What is the most profitable engineer?"

by Helena Lopes

California, USASilicon ValleyHas become a major base where many IT companies gather.The highest salary in AmericaIs sometimes said. On the other hand, housing costs are too highPointed out that residents are awayThere is also a search engine specializing in job information, but what is the status of job offers and salaries for engineers who actually work in Silicon Valley?IndeedHas published the analysis results.

Silicon Valley Jobs: The 2019 Trends Report-Indeed Blog

Indeed: Amazon and Walmart have the most job postings in Silicon Valley-TechRepublic

Indeed said, “New technologies are appearing every day, and most of them come from Silicon Valley in the United States,” pointing out that Silicon Valley, a high-tech company cluster, is a leading area for technology development. On the other hand, from October 2018 to October 2019, the number of jobs in Silicon Valley listed in Indeed has decreased by 3.8%, and the industry situation in Silicon Valley has begun to change.

In order to find a new trend in the recruitment situation in Silicon Valley, Indeed conducted an analysis based on its own recruitment data. The table below ranks the number of jobs by type of job listed in Indeed. Engineers and software developers are still in high demand, with 14 of the top 20 occupations being engineers or developers.

Rank Jobs with high demand
1 Software Engineer
2 Senior Software Engineer
Three Product manager
Four Software designer
Five Full stack developer
6 Front-end developer
7 Senior Product Manager
8 Data scientist
9 Development business manager
Ten Software test engineer
11 Developer
12 Data engineer
13 System Engineer
14 Backend developer
15 Quality assurance engineer
16 Technical planning manager
17 Data analyst
18 Machine learning engineer
19 Java developer
20 Cloud engineer

In areas where housing costs are high, such as Silicon Valley, where living costs are high, not only the number of jobs but also the salary is important in recruiting. The table below shows the salary ranking in Silicon Valley that Indeed surveyed. Engineers and developers still occupy the top, but the average salary presented is the result of a “machine learning engineer”. In machine learning, the demand ranking was ranked 18th, but we can see that salary is very high. On the other hand, although general software engineers are in high demand, the average salary is not so high.

Rank Job type and average salary
1 Machine learning engineer $ 172,792 (about 19 million yen)
2 Lead Software Engineer $ 169,268 (about 18.62 million yen)
Three Platform manager: $ 154,801 (about 17.02 million yen)
Four Senior Software Engineer, $ 142,794 (about 15.7 million yen)
Five Software designer: $ 142,372 (about ¥ 15.66 million)
6 Senior system engineer, $ 141,0113 (about 15.51 million yen)
7 Senior Product Manager $ 134,547 (about 14.8 million yen)
8 Cloud engineer-$ 132,852 (about 146.1 million yen)
9 iOS engineer $ 130,1979 (about 14.52 million yen)
Ten Development business engineer: $ 128,495 (about 141.31 million yen)
11 Back-end developer: $ 127,088 (about 13.98 million yen)
12 Firmware Engineer $ 124,190 (about 13.66 million yen)
13 Android developer $ 124,024 (about 13.64 million yen)
14 Software test engineer $ 123,531 (about 13.59 million yen)
15 Data engineer $ 120,281 (about 13.23 million yen)
16 Full stack developer, $ 11,9954 (about 13.19 million yen)
17 Data scientist $ 118,877 (about 13.07 million yen)
18 Front-end developer $ 118,768 (about 13.06 million yen)
19 Mobile developer $ 114,560 (about 12.6 million yen)
20 Software engineer $ 112,969 (about 1,243 million yen)

In addition, Indeed is also focusing on the question: “Which companies are offering the most jobs?” The table below shows the ratio of each company to the total number of jobs in Silicon Valley. The first is Amazon, and the second is a major retail chain.WalmartIt has become. Wal-Mart does not have much image of IT, but in recent years the proportion of e-commerce is increasing and the recruitment of highly skilled IT personnel is expanding. It is also the world's largest accounting firmDeloitte Touche TohmatsuThis shows that the range of companies seeking IT human resources is expanding.

Rank company name Percentage
1 Amazon 3.74%
2 Walmart 3.00%
Three Apple 2.80%
Four Cisco Systems 2.51%
Five Google 1.10%
6 Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu 0.92%
7 Facebook 0.92%
8 Akraya 0.86%
9 Oracle 0.84%
Ten Accenture 0.81%

Indeed, the reason why the overall job offer decreased was that “Silicon Valley is located.San Francisco Bay AreaMay be related to rising housing costs in Japan. " Google invested over 1 billion dollars (about 110 billion yen)Planning office expansion in New YorkIn addition, AppleStart building a new campus in Austin, Texasdoing.

In addition, data analysis companiesBrunswick InsightAnnounced(PDF file)Survey resultsAccording to the survey, 41% of those aged 18-34 living in the Bay Area and 26% of those aged 35-44 are planning to leave the Bay Area next year. With the evolution of technology, changes in the behavior of people working in the IT industry are also appearing.

by Alyibel

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