The latest trailer of "Kingsman: First Agent", which approaches the secret story of the birth of the British gentleman's spy organization Kingsman, is released


The latest trailer of "Kingsman: First Agent", which approaches the secret story of the birth of the British gentleman's spy organization Kingsman, is released

KingsmanThe latest movie in the series, and in Japan, the movie decided to be released on September 25, 2020 (Friday) “Kingsman: First AgentThe latest trailer of "" has been released. The familiar characters that have appeared in the series until now do not appear, and it is a work that traces back to the eve of World War I, how the world's strongest spy organization Kingsman was born.



Building on the cliff

Mysterious people gathered here

Someone tells people, "My comrades, this battle is not a war of heroes. It is our prosperity to have a World War."

A mysterious ring on that finger. The appearance of the Lord of this voice will not be revealed in the trailer.

The location has changed, inside a submarine diving underwater.

The captain of this submarine also has the same ring as the voice master.

The captain muttered, "It's the beginning of the party," and when he clicked the switch at hand…

Torpedo fired

And it will sink the ship sailing on the sea.

The scene changes…

Rafe FinesDuke of Oxford and his son Conrad (act:Harris Dickinson) Appeared. The young Conrad tells his father, "Shut up the crisis of the world?"

The world is facing an unprecedented crisis in the beginning of World War I.

Duke Oxford says, "Son, it is corruption and desire that dominate this world."

The screen displays a pile of gold nuggets that fills the safe.

"I can do something"


And the one I was invited to wasGemma ArtertonWith Polly to play…

Jaimon Hung SooShora to play.

And Duke Oxford and Conrad come in front of the tailor who says "Kingsman."

"We are a spy organization that does not belong to the nation."


Put on leather shoes…

Put on a tie…

Finally, a sword built-in cane is attached with a click.

In the Kingsman series, the familiar crisp action scene is still alive.

"Noble but ruthless, gentle and ruthless"

In Polly's words "Welcome to Kingsman"…

"This is it," conrads.

When a man with a bear and long hair and a mustache in his eyes calls "I'll start a war"…

Something exploded. The war is expanding.

Somebody's voice saying, "Make a great revolutionary fire."

On the other hand, a man with long hair and a mustache responds obediently to me.

The scene changed again, and we moved to a gorgeous mansion.

A man with long hair and a mustache walking in it.

When I say, "I often come to England"…

"Rasputin, you're right," returns Oxford.

Playing Grigory Rasputin, which will play an important role in this work,Squirrel Evans..

The Kingsman VS Rasputin battle begins in the mansion.

From a slim blade like a Western sword……

Things like a barrel will stretch out.

The handle seems to be a trigger.

And the scene that actually fires.

It seems that the Kingsman-like spy gadget existed from the beginning.

"Let's be button like a gentleman"

"Manners make gentlemen"

Scene falling from an airplane

Rasputin dancing brilliantly

A sword fight scene with Rasputin.

And Polly breaks in there.

A bullet shot by Polly hits Rasputin's sword directly.

"Why boys get involved," he said.



"The King's Man"

At the end, Duke of Oxford throws a knife…

The knife has run out…

The trailer is over with being blown away by a mysterious giant.

"Kingsman: First Agent" will be released in Japan on Friday, September 25, 2020.

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