The leak image reveals that Samsung's next flagship terminal is named “ Galaxy S20 ''


The leak image reveals that Samsung's next flagship terminal is named “ Galaxy S20 ''

Samsung will be a flagship model at the time of article creation in 2019 “Galaxy S10Was announced. The name of the next flagship model to be the successor to this will be “ Galaxy S11 '' according to the naming rules so far, but it has been pointed out that the name may be suddenly changed significantly like iPhone X . And from the newly revealed leak image of the actual machine, the name of the next flagship terminal is "Galaxy S20It becomes clear that it becomes.

Exclusive: Here is the Samsung Galaxy S20 + in Live Images

Real-world photos confirm Samsung ’s next flagship phone is called the Galaxy S20-The Verge

Samsung is planning to hold a new product launch event on February 11, 2020, and it is expected that the next flagship model smartphone etc. will be announced.

Samsung's next flagship model announcement event will be held on February 11-gigazine

Meanwhile, smartphone-related media XDA Developers has independently obtained and released leak images of the next flagship terminal. According to this leak image, the name of the next flagship terminal is not "Galaxy S11" but "Galaxy S20It seems to be.

The following are the actual leak images of the Galaxy S20 actually acquired by XDA Developers. To be exact, it seems to be a real machine photograph of "Galaxy S20 Plus" with a large display size among Galaxy S20. The Galaxy S10 has a front camera on the upper right, but the Galaxy S20 Plus of the leak image was released by 91MobilesRendered image of the next flagship terminalthe same as,Punch hole type displayFront camera is moving to the center. The Galaxy S10 adopted a design that fits into the hand with curved side parts, but according to the person who provided the Galaxy S20 leak image to XDA Developers, the Galaxy S20 was finished in a flatter design It is said that there is.

On the backiPhone 11 ProofTriple cameraLarger camera module than. According to leak information obtained by 91Mobiles, the rear camera part has up to five sensors, three of which are regular camera sensors and one is 3D TOF cameraThe details of the sensor and the remaining one are unknown. On the other hand, the overseas media The Verge reports that "It is rumored that four cameras, wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle, portrait and macro, are installed".

In addition, a sticker with "CONFIDENTIAL" is affixed on the back, so you can see that notes on handling confidential information are written.

And the following image is the character "SAMSUNG Galaxy S20 + 5G" displayed on the screen when this terminal is started. From this it is clear that the name of the next flagship terminal will be "Galaxy S20".

The Verge pointed out that the Galaxy S20 had “ a sticker on the back (of the leaked terminal photo) regarding the handling of confidential information that was particularly optimistic and hopeful we have seen so far '' doing.

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