The liquid tab “ Wacom One '' of the 40,000 yen level is a liquid crystal pen tablet perfect for illustration creation and movie editing introduction with free design software set


The liquid tab “ Wacom One '' of the 40,000 yen level is a liquid crystal pen tablet perfect for illustration creation and movie editing introduction with free design software set

A liquid crystal pen tablet that responds to a wide range of requests for digital illustrations, movie editing, and easy document creation.Wacom One"Is scheduled to be released from Wacom on Thursday, January 16, 2020. Wacom One has the theme of “Digital Starter Packs of All Genres”<a href = " 0A "target =" _ blank "> Bamboo PaperPro packCLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO<a href = " 0A "target =" _ blank "> Adobe Premiere RushI tried to confirm the comfort of using a full-length liquid crystal pen tablet with a set of licenses.

Wacom One LCD pen tablet 13 | Wacom

table of contents:
◆ Photo review
◆ Setup
◆ Installation of driver
I checked the drawing comfort of the LCD pen tablet
◆ Product registration procedure
◆ Download Bamboo Paper
◆ Download Adobe Premiere Rush

◆ Photo review

The package looks like this.

Contents include the liquid crystal pen tablet body, Wacom One Pen, connection cable, AC adapter, AC plug head, quick start guide, regulation sheet.

The LCD pen tablet is 29.4 x 16.6 cm, 13.3 inches, and the resolution is 1920 x 1080 (full HD). Weight is about 1kg.

14.4 × 7.14cmiPhone 11 ProThis size compared to.

The back has an off-white hue.

Rubberized non-slip at the four corners.

At the top of the back is a stand for tilt adjustment.

Put your finger on the hollow and pull it up to stand.

Inside the stand, there were three replacement cores of Wacom One Pen and holes for core removal.

On the other side is the serial number.

The angle of the stand is about 19 degrees.

There is a power button, a pen holder, and a power cable port on the top.

The power button is a flat type with no irregularities.

The central pen holder is made of a soft, cloth-like material.

When you insert the pen, it looks like this.

The port for the power cable looks like USB Type-C at first glance, but it is a port dedicated to Wacom One LCD pen tablet, and has a different standard from USB Type-C.

Even if you do not stand, there is a slope of about 3 degrees. There are no buttons or ports other than the power button and power cable port, and nothing on the left and right sides and bottom.

The included “Wacom One Pen” is a batteryless pen that does not require charging. The pen pressure level is 4096 levels.

It has become simple making only one button. The core is replaceable.

If you need to replace the lead, hook the lead into the lead hole on the back of the stand to remove the lead.

◆ Setup

Wacom One can not be used alone, it is necessary to connect a power cable and connect it to a PC or Android smartphone.

This time, it is used by connecting to a PC. First, prepare an AC adapter, AC plug head, and connection cable.

The power cable has a dedicated terminal for Wacom One LCD pen tablet, one HDMI terminal and two USB Type-A terminals. Be careful not to make a mistake because the USB Type-A terminal is divided into one for AC adapter and one for PC connection.

First, insert the AC plug head into the AC adapter.

Insert the AC plug head and if you hear a click, OK

To remove the AC plug head, slide it up while pressing in the red frame to remove it.

Next, insert the power cable into the USB Type-A port on the bottom of the AC adapter.

Connect the larger USB Type-A terminal …


The rounded terminals are …

Insert into the power cable port on the pen display.

Insert the HDMI terminal and the smaller USB Type-A terminal into the PC.

Insertion completed.

Insert the AC adapter into the outlet and turn on the power …

Set complete.

Display surfaceNon-glareProcessing has been applied, making it difficult for light to be reflected.

Wacom One can also be used by connecting it to an Android smartphone or tablet. Access the following URL to check compatible Android devices.

How to use Wacom One | Wacom

Scroll down the page and click "Click here for compatible Android devices" to display compatible devices.

Supported terminals at the time of article creation are as follows.

◆ Installation of driver

The Wacom One driver can be obtained from the following URL.

Wacom | Driver Download

This time, download the driver to a PC with Windows 10. Select "Wacom One" from the product, select "Windows 10" for OS and click "Search".

Click “Go to download page”.

Scroll down the page and click the "Download" button.

When the dialog is displayed, click "Save file".

Displaying the downloaded file on the desktop looks like this. Execute by double click.

Click "Agree".

It is necessary to restart the PC to complete the installation of the driver, so if there is no problem restarting, click "Restart immediately".

When you restart your PC, a privacy notice window will be displayed. Click "Agree".

The setup wizard is displayed. Click "Start".

The tutorial will be displayed. Click "Next" to proceed.

Click "Register" when the device registration screen is displayed. Note that the pen display itself can be used without registration, but device registration is required to use the included Bamboo Paper, CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO, and Adobe Premiere Rush.

When you select device registration, the login screen will be displayed. Scroll down if you do not have a Wacom ID.

Since there is a form for ID registration, enter your e-mail address, password, name, country, language from the top, check the privacy policy etc., check it, and click "Next".

A survey will be displayed, but the response is optional. Click "Create Wacom ID" to go to the next screen.

You will receive an e-mail from Wacom at the registered e-mail address. Click "OK" to close the screen.

You will receive an e-mail with the subject "Finish registration", click the link.

When the following screen is displayed, Wacom ID registration is completed.

◆ I checked the comfort of the LCD pen tablet

We had the editorial staff who has experience drawing with a liquid crystal pen tablet, pen tablet, iPad Pro etc. check the drawing comfort.

Regarding the parallax, he said, "There is a little, but not enough to be bothered." There are also voices saying “ People who are accustomed to the slippery feel of iPad Pro etc may be unsatisfactory '' because it is not comfortable to slide like iPad Pro Some said that it would be better to have a protective sheet. However, the screen size of about 13 inches and the compact size, lightness and quick response of the stand are enough, so I feel that it has enough performance as a low price model of the 40,000 yen level.

When I drew a line quickly, there was a gap of about 10 dots, but there was also a comment from the editorial staff saying "I do not mind if I get used to it." The following movie is a trial writing, and if you look closely you can see that there is a gap between the pen tip and the drawn line.

Wacom One trial writing-YouTube

(embed) (/ embed)

"You can choose your favorite pen" is a feature of Wacom One, you can also use non-Wacom pens from other companies. For example, a pencil-style touch pen "STAEDTLER Noris digitalWas prepared.

Pen pressure from other companies can be detected. The pen pressure level of STAEDTLER Noris digital is 4096 level, the same as Wacom One Pen.

It can be used with the same performance as the Wacom One Pen, such as quick response. At the time of writing, in addition to STAEDTLER Noris digital, it supports LAMY AL-star black EMR, Mitsubishi 9800 Pencil, Raytrektab DG-D08IWP, Samsung Galaxy Note and Tab S Pen.

◆ Product registration procedure

To use Bamboo Paper, CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO, or Adobe Premiere Rush, you need to register your Wacom One product. Access the following official website to register your product.

Wacom | Interactive Pen Displays & Tablet Styluses | Wacom

Click “Login” on the top page

Enter your email address and password and click "Send".

When you log in, the item "My Account" will be displayed. Click it.

Click "My Account" again.

Then, a screen saying "Product registration of Wacom One is completed" is displayed. Click "Display Software Library".

Click "Select your registered product" and select "Wacom One" from the pull-down menu that appears.

Click “Next”.

Click "Programs for Windows" this time to install the Windows version.

The Software Library appears, showing the available software.

◆ Download Bamboo Paper

The digital note app Bamboo Paper is a basic free app, but there are some paid content such as pen tools and note formats. Download the Bamboo Paper Pro Pack, a Wacom One benefit, and you'll have access to all content for free.

Bamboo Paper | Wacom

To get a free Bamboo Paper Pro Pack, click "Add to your Library" from the Software Library.

Click “Select”.

Click “Download”.

If you want to display in Japanese, click "Japan-move to Japanese"

Click “Get”.

Click "Get" again.

Click "No need" if you do not have a Microsoft account, or click "Sign in" to use it on multiple devices linked to your Microsoft account. This time we will use it without signing in, so click "No need".

Click “Install”.

When installation is completed, a button called "Start" is displayed, so click "Start".

When Bamboo Paper starts up, a tutorial is displayed. Click "Next".

When the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are displayed, confirm the contents and click "Agree".

Click “Next” ……

Bamboo Paper can be used. To get the Pro Pack, which is a special offer, click the "x" in the upper right and close Bamboo Paper once.

Click on Bamboo Paper and launch it again …

Pro Pack is now available.


CLIP STUDIO PAINT at the time of article creationNo.1 share in graphics softwareIs an illustration production software, PRO is a tool specialized in illustration production.

Illustration production software | CLIP STUDIO PAINT (Clip Studio Paint)

To get a CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO license, click "Add to your Library" from the Software Library.

Click “Select”.

Click “Download”.

Click "Save File".

The setup file will be downloaded and executed by double-clicking.

Click “Next”.

After confirming the license agreement, check "I accept the terms of the license agreement" and click "Next".

Click “Next”.

Select "Japanese" from the pull-down and click "Next".

Click “Install”.

Click “Finish” to close the window.

Displaying the installed CLIP STUDIO PRO on the desktop looks like this. Double click to open.

Click “PAINT” ……

CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO starts. The free license given to Wacom One purchasers expires three months from the start of use, but by registering a CLIP STUDIO account, the license is extended by three months, making it possible to use it for a total of six months.

◆ Download Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is a movie editing application that lets you shoot, edit, and share movies.

Adobe Premiere Rush | Adobe mobile and desktop video editing software

To download Adobe Premiere Rush, first copy the license key starting with "WACOM-" surrounded by a red circle and click "Redeem."

Enter your license key, check "I am not a robot" and click "Validate".

If you have an Adobe Creative Cloud account, enter your email address and password. If you do not have one, click Get Adobe ID. This time, click “Get Adobe ID” to get ID.

Enter your name, furigana, e-mail address, password and country and click "Get Adobe ID".

Click "Redeem code" as the redemption code is automatically entered.

If you want to continue using Adobe Premiere Rush even after the free license period has expired, you need to register a payment method, but if you only want to use it for free for two months, click "I will notify you later."

Click "Start Now".

Enter your date of birth and click "Update".

When the top page of Creative Cloud is displayed, click "Install" of Premiere Rush.

When installation is completed, a new window will be displayed. Enter the registered email address and click "Continue".

Enter your password and click "Continue".

Click "Start tour" to start the tutorial.

When the tutorial is over, the Premiere Rush home screen will be displayed.

The basic specifications of Wacom One are as follows.

Display size:13.3 type (294 × 166)
aspect ratio:16: 9
Maximum display resolution:1920 × 1080 (Full HD)
LCD method:IPS method
Maximum display color:16.77 million colors (8 bit)
response speed:26ms (standard value)
Maximum brightness:200cd / m2 (standard value)
Contrast ratio:1000: 1 (standard value)
Viewing angle:170 ° horizontal / 170 ° vertical (standard value)
Color gamut:NTSC coverage (CIE1931) 72% (standard value)

Pen reading method:Electromagnetic induction method
Pen pressure level:4096 levels
Pen tilt detection level:± 60 level

Multi-touch function:None
Built-in stand compatible angle:3 °, 19 °
With fan:None
How to connect to PC:Connection cable for Wacom One (HDMI, USB-A, power supply) /1.8m
usage environment:Temperature 5 ° -40 ° / Humidity 30 ° -80 ° (no condensation)
Power supply method:Dedicated AC adapter (100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz)
power consumption:10W or less (maximum), 0.5W (sleep mode, off mode)
External dimensions (W × D × H):357 × 225 × 14.6mm
Supported OS:Windows® 7, 8, 8.1, 10 / macOS 10.13 or later

Purchase bonus software:Bamboo Paper Pro Pack, CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO (6 months license), Adobe Premiere Rush (2 months license)
* After using the CLIP STUDIO PAINT license for 3 months, registering a CLIP STUDIO account allows you to use it for another 3 months (6 months in total).

Official promotion movie is also released.

Wacom | Wacom One LCD pen tablet 13 (DTC133W0D)-YouTube

(embed) (/ embed)

“ Wacom One LCD pen tablet 13 '' is scheduled to be released on Thursday, January 16, 2020Wacom official storeAvailable for purchase. The price is 42,900 yen including tax.

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