The local economy,export-related slowdown in domestic demand and strong areas has leveled the prospects for improvement are uncertain

Of the slowdown in overseas economies and the consumption tax increase after the consumption of the downturn in the receiving recession is concerned. However, Urban Redevelopment, and labor shortages against the backdrop of labor saving capital investment such as the firm, the government domestic demand for economic recovery is to be sustained and expected.

23, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and industry to 2019 10-12 months period of economic and industrial survey of the published results. The whole of the business judgment,”weakness is becoming widespread, but gradual improvement”from the previous fiscal year to deferred, the region and the Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Tokai, Hokuriku, Kinki of the 10 regions in 6 areas revised down to.

Production situation of overseas economies affected by the slowdown in electronic parts and devices,transport equipment and production machinery are weakening.. Smartphone related in some of the bottoming out feeling, but only those of a full-fledged recovery has yet to be realized. Domestic demand-related capital expenditure to increase production capacity and staff shortages for the elimination of manpower investment, etc. in the increasing trend continues,consumer spending in natural disaster the impact of an unusually mild winter due to some weak movements can be seen.

Regionally,Hokkaido although there are some signs of a pick-up of standstill in the downward change as well. The production is a food items record 不漁 The impact of the decline in inbound Association relationship is the impact of decreased.

The Northeast is also a standstill in the downward change. Production of electronic parts and devices, transport machinery is weak, consumption is on the impact of natural disasters, such as a standstill only.

The Kanto part has been weak in Of of improving moderately but revised down yet.

Tokai is an improving trend but at a standstill from the downward change as well. Electronic parts and devices have to the mainstay of the transport machinery is weak, however.

The Hokuriku region is also at a standstill in the downward change. Electronic components, devices and production machinery such as weak movements in consumption to a standstill only.

Kinki’s been weak of improving moderately downward change. Inbound is strong while maintaining the momentum is softening that.

China is the economy continues to show signs of gradual picking up be deferred, however, for iron and steel, automobile, electronic components and devices on the part of the reduced demand can be seen.

Shikoku is the economy continues to show signs of gradual picking up of these deferred. Electromechanical, etc., in some of the weak, and consumption is picking up.

Kyushu remained flat and unchanged. Automotive new car effect, etc. by the firm to the other,semiconductor manufacturing equipment, the recovery trend.

Okinawa is the continued improvement and Department stores, supermarkets,drugstores remains strong,continues to improve.

As a whole East of the weakness is noticeable a low pressure to the East and by patterns. (Editor in charge:Kubota 雄城)

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