The lowest orbital altitude to reach space observation satellite with a Guinness World Record certification

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency [JAXA]is 24, the ultra-low-altitude satellite technology test”swallow”is the most low Earth observation satellites, orbit altitude is reached, as in the Guinness World Records certified this year.

【Here】Ultra-low-altitude satellite”Tsubame”mission starting from about 1 year but the trajectory and possibility

■Guinness World Record for the Earth observation satellite

Guinness World Records in each area of the world that are certified by the British organization. Every 9 months to”Guinness book”called Books, certified records have posted.

Earth observation satellite for 2017 and 12 on May 23 launched from the Tanegashima Space Center was. Orbital altitude of 300 km for low-altitude orbital flight in 2019, 10 month 1 days in the operational have been.

This time in the Guinness World Record for altitude is 167. 4 km only. 271.5 km orbit had to keep one for the altitude, lower the 7-day trajectory to maintain. Meanwhile, high resolution satellite images to conduct the experiments. Also the sun’s ultraviolet rays in atomic form dissociated or”atomic oxygen”and the atmosphere density, atmosphere exposed to a material sample of the deterioration of the data collected.

■The future of ultra-low-altitude satellite development for demonstration

JAXA is the ultra-low-altitude orbit of Earth observation the group will take measures for you. Ultra-low-altitude orbit satellite operation of these is not carried out on an untapped field. Ultra-low altitude in the atmosphere the resistance of the impact can not be ignored for a long time to work it.

For this reason, JAXA is working for the ion engine. 1 coin 2 sheets of heavy degree of thrust, but the fuel efficiency is high, long term operation is possible. If by this operation, atmospheric resistance by the orbit altitude to compensate for the reduced, while continuously low altitude to maintain, or JAXA, developed the material for a long time to withstand and also confirmed.

Ultra-low-altitude orbit from the observation that high resolution optical images of the collection and,of radar low output power reduction is realized. Thus, security and disaster prevention and mitigation,Earth observation in areas such as use of possibilities are open to that.

JAXA is about to get the experiment findings, utilizing ultra-low altitude of the satellite development, such as the future of the universe use and want to. [Article: Kadono 未智・The article list to look at]

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