The mass was the particles of the space adiabatic transport in a successful graduate school studies

1 on May 17 Ying Nature communications journal papers published, according to the Kyoto University research team,has a mass of particle of space adiabatic transport successfully demonstrated the world’s first revealed.

【Here】Cells of information in the light control can be successful in graduate school of research

The mass of the quantum conditions to provide a tunnel effect by the adjacent 3 one of the containers if there is the most end of the container present in the particles,in the middle of the vessel to fly the opposite end of the container to move to the country. This spatial adiabatic transport and call, this time at Kyoto University in the study of the mass has particles in it, it does happen.

Generally speaking, the particles from the container into the container jump to the container between the wall and jump over them only the energy you need. But the mass is extremely small quantum of sufficient power and without having to jump over the wall and the probabilistic possible. The quantum in such behavior,the tunnel effect is called.

Spatial adiabatic transfer of the quantum to the wave resistance because the multiple quantum exists, the wave nature of the interference phenomenon. A・B・C of the lined container assuming a quantum from A to C of the vessel to jump, when usually always B over the no…….. However 2 of the quantum, by the interference of B at the position of the wave cancel out, and zero to produce a state if the Quantum is B through A to C at once transport becomes possible.

This results in the simplest form to explain and wrote on the street, but actually the container is in 3 pieces from an infinite number in the chain is not the same thing can be reproduced just. What this means is that, the weight of the particles theoretically infinite distance in teleportation it is possible to do that.

If the particles of any of the information given and infinite distance to teleport to if you can,you need time and communication can not.

In this study, the magnet will attract iron ferromagnetic mechanism has yet been elucidated, and the mystery of the lead to a foothold in that.

Space Battleship Yamato, such as SF world, teleportation is warp and the fictitious technology emerged as well, but this time of Kyoto University’s research mass, the small particles of the warp to experimentally reproduce the technology found there.

And,really Space Battleship Yamato-like navigation technology in the near future commercialization of the day that is coming, but it’s not. However, it the way is still pretty far away so is. [Article: cedar3・The article list to look at]

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