The Matcha season has come to Misudo this year too! “Matcha no Cho Series” will be released for a limited time from April 10! | AppBank – Find Fun on Your Smartphone

Mr. Donut also has a collaboration with Toshi Yoroizuka from Gion Tsujiri this year! "Matcha no Cho Series" will be released for a limited time!

Misudo x Gion Tsujiri "Matcha's Top Series"

It's coming!

The matcha season has arrived in Misudo!よ り From April 10, Gion Tsujiri Toshi Yoroizuka collaboration “Matcha no Cho Series” will be available for a limited time.

"Pon de Uji Matcha Chocolate Almond" with Uji Matcha Powder applied directly on the chocolate coating so that you can enjoy the harmony of Matcha and Chocolat right from the eyes and from the first eye. Milk Crunch and Matcha “ Pon de Double Uji Matcha Milk Crunch '' that melts in your mouth and enjoys a taste like matcha milk, “ Tiramisu Chocolat Whip '' “ Tiramisu Chocolat Whip '' with a fresh idea like dessert Tiramisu Uji Matcha Whip ”and a variety of combinations of matcha and chocolate, as well as how to combine the texture of the dough and crunch.

Various matcha donuts will appear again this year. Let's check which one you want to eat now!

Official site:misdo meets Gion Tsujiri Toshi Yoroizuka Matcha tea top series | New Products | Mister Donut

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