The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and tourism,vehicle inspection certificate extend the validity period to 2 August 28 June to 3 end of 4 end to

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and tourism 28, the vehicle vehicle inspection certificate to extend the expiry time of announced. The new coronavirus to go against infection of increasing concern, the inspection timing of the Miss who assumed the government of 懐柔策 By Vehicle Inspection expired, get rid of anxiety aim.

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This extension of the measures, the expiration date is 2020 Years 2 months 28 days~3 month 31 days of the automobile, subject to nationwide in 4 month 30 days in a special car registration is valid. Renewal reason for car registration description of the changes you’ve made. On the 28th of Hokkaido, Hal-mixing, arrangement, tourist attractions the”emergency Declaration”calls for weekend outings or refrain to call out self-restraint while the car is off the car is also expected with the situation say.

Vehicle inspection certificate has a validity period, often 2 years of updates and such. This period is basically the extension is permitted,expired in a car on public roads, the Road Vehicles Act violations and crimes is established. If it is 6 months imprisonment or 30 million yen or less of fines, and inspection of the validity of ignoring the penalty is heavy.

Also, expired after inspection fee temporary number acquisition, and vehicle inspection services to move you need. Vehicle inspection certificate expiration date after the car when using the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and tourism by the ongoing inspection obligations, as well as hassle required. The new coronavirus is the impact of vehicle inspection expired for a situation in which the strong people that many not for this vehicle inspection certificate for a period of extended measures to help the ship was shaped like that.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and tourism this resolution were as background, the National Department of transportation, including mass infection the risk of also cites. The current year-end is approaching to busy season and transportation to the Bureau of vehicle registration renewal for those who seek a rush of mass infection occur. the risk concerned form. The risk of infection committed in inspection update those who seek after another for this vehicle inspection certificate special extended measures has important significance.

The new coronavirus is the influence of the car and the earliest convergence is waiting for it.

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