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The mode color “Kate Vintage Mode Eyes” (2 new colors) allows you to enjoy a boxed makeup with a sense of omission

Two new types of purple and green points!

Color the fall / winter 2019 makeup"Kate Vintage Mode Eyes"Two new types have joined. It is a dazzling chic color that attracts adult eye makeup. Let's try two new types of eyeshadow palettes that allow you to make a box with a sense of omission!

Vintage color makes the eye frame stand out! Featured new color is on sale

Kanebo CosmeticsKate's popular cosmetic brand"Kate Vintage Mode Eyes" (1,200 yen excluding tax / reviewed by editorial department, released on November 1, 2019)It is a mode that excites the mood of autumn and winterTwo new colorsAppeared!

The colors I care about are the chic green “GN-1” and the elegant purple “PU-2”. It is a new color that adds color in the fall and winter when it is easy to choose calm colors for fashion and hair color.

Check the color by hand.

Surrounding your eyes with a chic dark color with a vintage feel, the eye frame stands out and shows your eyes.

A new color that seems to be difficult at first glance, but let's try to see what kind of color it will be!

Purple and adult box makeup that is not too dark

Start with “PU-2”.

The first thing I tried was “PU-2”. Purple that stands out in a familiar color is fashionable.

At first, the highlight color is applied to the entire eye hole using a large chip.

Beige that fits well into the skin, flattenes the eyelids and helps develop the next color.

Next, spread the medium color with thick chips to create a gradation.

An orange and somewhere healthy impression.

Next, apply a dark vintage color on the upper eyelid's wrinkle to the lower eyelid's third of the eye using a thin tip.

Warm dark brown will tighten your eyes and improve your eyes.

Finally, take the Glow Vintage color on a thin chip and apply it over the dark brown above to the upper and lower eyelids.

Paint the border slightly. Overlapping colors makes the eye's frame appear wider and show up in larger eyes.

Purple and dark brown are mixed, creating a depth that cannot be achieved with a single color, making the eyes look larger naturally.

It is a dull color with a feeling of omission, and an adult box makeup is completed. Using purple makes your eyes look more impressive.

Even if I put the color on the top and bottom, it was good that it couldn't be made because it was a nuanced color.

The finish of the other “GN-1” is …

Cooler than “PU-2”. The khaki-like green color gives a natural feeling.

“Kate Vintage Mode Eyes” (two new colors) is a stylish new color that finishes with a different eye and adds a dull feel to the eye. If you are tired of your regular makeup, you can change the image. With exquisite colors that are not too flashy, make the fall and winter makeup fun.

Purchase from online stores such as drugstore and Amazon.

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