The more you chew, the mochi mochi!! The "Shiromochi Taiyaki" that is healed by cool custard is a real food review #7-Eleven | AppBank

Seven-ElevenThe Shiromochi Taiyaki is now on sale! ‥
convenience storeI have loved sweets for 10 years, and the author, who loves taiyaki, introduces the charm.
If you like Taiyaki, you should definitely try it! ‥

I bought it immediately

Speaking of Seven Premium, there are many high quality products that you can't think of as convenience sweets! The image. Expectations for the taste of this time's Shirotomochi taiyaki were very high.

When I actually bought it, the yellow custard that looks obvious from the outside looks really delicious! I can't stand this writer who likes custard.

Because it is a sticky dough, it weighs well. It seems to be perfect when you are hungry.

Let's have a real meal! ‥

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