The morning session of the Nikkei Stock Average is 614 yen in all industries is sluggish

[The Nikkei・TOPIX [table]]

The Nikkei Stock Average;24038.87;+614.06 TOPIX;1744.62;+31.79

[After the visit with a summary]

The morning session of the Nikkei Stock Average on the previous day compared to 614. 06 appreciation of the yen, 24038. 87 yen increase in trade started. Am of the Nikkei Stock Average is significantly negative. Asian shares also steady. The yen is 1 dollar 109 yen 50 銭台 the depreciation of the yen remained at the level. Lunch time in the 225 futures and is the temporary 24030 yen will rise. This flows from the afternoon, the Nikkei average is up to expand,the milestone of 24,000 yen beyond it. Then raise the width and condensed for 24000 yen in the high zone in, etc.

By industry, the non-ferrous metals, banking, machinery, insurance, shipping, mining, iron and steel, precision equipment, transport equipment such as LED whole industry is a plus remained. The sales price the higher is,YASKAWA Electric Corporation<6506>Tokyo Electron<8035>TDK<6762>Shin-Etsu reduction<4063>, Eisai<4523>In the<9983>,Advantest<6857>Kao<4452>, Honda<7267>Such as LED top stocks over the entire Surface Plus it remained. 《HH》

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