"The most intense year", such as a hot love allegation with Satoshi Hotta and Shogi Soda

Model and actress Satoshi Hotta [27] held a 2020 calendar release event at Book First Shinjuku, Tokyo on the 7th.

Hotta looked at the completed calendar, "I thought I became an adult. I've been told that people around me have grown up, and I'm very satisfied." Last month, some weekly magazines reported suspicion of passion with actor Shogo Hamada, but explained that it was a friendship at an event appearance after that. “I didn't think I could write an article. My manager told me that I became an adult” when I was hit by my first scandal in my life.

While acting as an exclusive model for the fashion magazine “CanCam”, she appeared in three dramas this year. In the NTV “Itte Q! To the end of the world!”, He struggled in variety as “Degawa Girls”.

This year, when I played an active part in multi, was set to “dense” with one kanji character, “I wanted to do it again as the number of theatrical scenes increased. “It was the deepest year in my life.”

Next year, I would like to focus more on actress work. “I want to make it a year where there are a lot of theatrical scenes. I would like to step up and have Tetsuro Dekawa admit.”

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