The most used feature on the Apple Watch is "Hey Siri What time is it now?"-What is the problem that has been left untouched five years after its release?

Five years have passed since the release of the Apple Watch. I bought the Series 3 for the first time. Now, the Apple Watch is in the condition of winning one smart watch, but it seems that there is a problem that has been left unattended since its release.

  • What is the problem with Apple Watch as a watch that has been neglected since its release …

Many people cite the "notification function" as an attraction of Apple Watch. However, this "notification" is the basic basics of a wristwatch, or it interrupts the essential function of a wristwatch, "knowing the time."

  • Notification of "Breathing" application that arrived at Apple Watch

See screenshot. Here, the notification of "Breathing" application has arrived to Apple Watch, but the time is not displayed. This is not a phenomenon that occurs only in the "breathing" app. When the notification arrives at Apple Watch, the time is not displayed.

  • Direct message notification of "Twitter" application

  • "Facebook Messenger" notifications

  • Notification from the "Wallet" app that is standard on iOS

  • Notification of Earthquake Early Warning Email

As you can see, the time is not displayed at the time of notification even with other apps. The same applies to notifications from applications other than the Earthquake Early Warning.

  • You cannot check the time on the dial while the notification is displayed

The most troublesome thing about this was the notification from the "Activity" app. You will receive notifications in various message formats from "Activities". When you wake up in the morning and put on an Apple Watch that has been charged, the first thing you will see is a notification of "activity" that was "●● yesterday."

  • In the morning, when you wear the Apple Watch, the progress status of the activity at that time is reported

Notifications from "Activities" do not arrive at fixed times. "Move", "Exercise" and "Stand" "Goal Achievement" notifications will be sent immediately when the respective set target values ​​are exceeded, but these will vary depending on when they reach that number. Although other notifications also refer to the accumulated data, I do not know when they will arrive. And for some reason the notifications are in a hurry and now they only fly when I want to know the time.

  • With Apple Watch Series 5, the screen is always displayed, so you can almost always check the time

If you're an Apple Watch Series 5, you'll almost always be able to see the time, as the screen is now always on. However, users who are still using Series 4 or earlier models do not know the time without lifting their wrists. If I get a notification when I pick up, I didn't want to know the time, but there is no time on the screen.

In addition, for writers who usually carry large parcels, their hands are often blocked when they are in a hurry. In that case, you cannot operate the Apple Watch.

On the Apple websiteCheck the time on your Apple WatchWe have opened a support page titled ". According to it, there are the following methods to know the time on Apple Watch.

1. Raise your wrist
2. Read out the time
3. Check the time by touch
4. Ask Siri

Of these, 1 does not understand that the notification is displayed as introduced so far. 2 and 3 cannot be used when both hands are closed. When both hands are blocked, there is only 4 way to know the time. As a result, the author started to repeat "What time is Hey Siri?" It is no exaggeration to say that this is the most used function in the Apple Watch usage scene.

  • You'll have to put two fingers on the Apple Watch dial to get the time read aloud and to check the time tactilely. Therefore, if you want to know the time when the notification has arrived and both hands are blocked, you can only ask the voice assistant Siri "Hey Siri what time is it now?"

"Activity" sends a message like this, even though it seems to be late.

"It's a great start." No, I'm starting late and I'm likely to be late. Hey Siri What time is it right now?

"Let's go for it." No, no, if you go this way, you will definitely be late. Hey Siri What time is it right now?

"Good luck". Thank you for your support, but it's completely another matter. Hey Siri What time is it right now?

"I still have time." I don't have time anymore. Hey Siri What time is it right now?

In this way, "Activity" sends out a notification by exercising the unmanned atmosphere for the first time.

Speaking of too many notifications, I think message-based and mail-based applications are quite substantial. I do not do SNS, and there are not many people who exchange emails, so it is okay to turn on Apple Watch notifications, but people who often receive messages and emails are notified Isn't it full of people?

By the way, the editorial department of Mynavi News seems to send 1,500 emails a day, or nearly 2,000 emails on many days. Assuming that 2,000 messages are sent in 8 hours a day, one mail will be sent on average 60 x 60 x 8 ÷ 2,000 = 14.4, which is calculated to be sent in 14.4 seconds. When this happens, the time displayed on the Apple Watch seems to be shorter than the time not displayed. The battery may not even last a day.

It seems that the editor in charge of this article is also an Apple Watch user, but he said that email notification was turned off. However, there may be times when it is not sent at all, such as lunch break, so it will not fall into such a situation, and the Apple Watch side will also notify you collectively with "● Notification" etc. Is available.

With Apple Watch that has watchOS 5 or later, you can customize notifications by organizing them into apps, stacking them, and displaying them in the notification center. It seems that it is possible to avoid a chaotic state by using this kind of trick together with turning notifications on and off, but I think that there are many users who do not know the existence of the function itself for managing notifications. Like the iPhone, the Apple Watch is steadily evolving and becoming more multifunctional, but I feel that there are more places that I can't understand without a manual.

However, Apple doesn't seem willing to try to solve this overkill problem. On the contrary, since this yearThis watch knows the timeI am producing a TV commercial that goes diagonally above my imagination.

  • TV commercial for Apple Watch. "This watch knows the time," with a shocking catch copy.

The latest version of watchOS will be introduced at Apple's developer conference "WWDC 2020" [this year it will be held online due to the influence of the new coronavirus] about a month later, Perhaps this problem is being left undeveloped and is being developed.

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