The movie “Ghostbusters / Afterlife” has too many “dead spots”, and the expectations are rising.

This is absolutely interesting …!I was convinced to see the trailer of “Ghostbusters / Afterlife”, which is also called “the legitimate sequel”.The legendary movie is back with a line that can be called the “strongest”!

It will be released on July 10, 2020 in the United States. It will be released on the same day as early as in Japan, but …Oh, I ca n’t wait! *If you looked like sucking out the trailer to manage this excitement somehow, the expectation has exploded! *

・ Cast members are too rocky.

First of all, it was the cast team that personally increased my tension. This work is like the “Kids version Ghostbusters” where the children are the main characters, but the big brothers and sisters who play the main roleFinn Wolfhard.

Netflix “Stranger Things”And when the movie “IT / It“ It ”is visible, it ’s over. ”It's a very popular child actor!(Although it has grown considerably, it has become quite big.)

What was interesting was that he was dressed as a Ghostbusters in a Halloween costume during the Stranger Things play! No one would have ever thought it would be a ghostbusters.

On the other hand, playing the role of sisterMcKenna Grace.The film that left me with an impression was “Gifted”, which played the role of a genius.A work in which the role of a genius child plays a genius childSo I was impressed that I was persuasive … I am new to my memory. Recently, he played "Captain Marvel" even when he was a child of the main character.

And harden the sidesPaul Rudd.You know, the person in Antman. The appearance of active superheroes must be felt safe, reliable and expected.

By the way, McKenna-chan, who is the sister role, is also an actress who has something to do with the Avengers member because “Gifted” is also performing with Captain America's Chris Evans.


・ "Grandpa is the former ghost busters" setting

The next thing I focused on was the story setting. Apparently, the brothers and sisters of the leading role seemed to live in the grandfather's mansion in the country town.

I found an old proton pack (a device that catches ghosts), a ghost trap (a device that stores ghosts), and a special vehicle for destroying ghosts, Ecto-1! Yes,My brother and sister are like the grandchildren of someone who is a Ghostbusters member!

Who is my grandson? If you think, the jumpsuit that the Ghostbusters members wore in the trailer will appear! ThereName tag "Spengler"I did not miss that. One of the former Ghostbusters members,Is it the grandson of Igon Spengler (Harold Lymis)? *

It seems that the natural perm of the main brother and sister inherits Igon's hair quality …


・ "Orthodox sequel" handed over by talented director (& son)

Aside from casting and setting,"Director / Screenplay Jason Lightman"When I saw the staff credit, I trembled. It's the real son of Ivan Lightman, who supervised the former Ghostbusters series, but of course this wasn't something like "recruiting parents".

As movie fans know, Jason LightmanSuper talented director who puts out high quality worksIt is. Have you ever heard of works like “JUNO” or “Mileage, My Life”? Personally, “Thank You Smoking” is recommended.

The person who makes such many masterpieces is a baton from Ivan Reitman, the parent of the series and the real father … When a megaphone is handed over, it is impossible to say "Do not expect" anymore. , Now work I am also convinced that it is called a “legitimate sequel”.

By the way, in this work, the cast members of the old series appeared in the video as they were, but in the 2016 reboot version, only “cameo appearance” was available. That's why it's no surprise that the 2016 edition isn't treated as a “legitimate sequel” (although I loved it).


・ Are there any comedy elements?

By the way, this timeMost horror movies as long as you see the trailerThere is no comedy element as seen in the old series.

So, is this work serious?I do not think so.Because Paul Rudd is out? And Jason Lightman is also known as a good director of comedy movies.

I believe that it will surely make you laugh and have funBut the truth will be revealed in new trailers and follow-ups. Even so, I have to wait until the release! 7 months until the national release date.



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