The movie that Maasai warriors liked was the movie with "●●"! Masai Communication: 377th

spa!For the first time in many yearsRequest boxI would like to answer the question that arrived at. Moreover, this question was asked by many people. Summarizing what kind of question content is …

"Have you ever seen a movie? What is your favorite movie, if any?"

Tena feeling. Kato-san, Morifuji-san, Kyon-chan, and everyone who asked questions related to the movie, Ashe Oren [Thank you very much]! Then let's answer. First, I wonder if I've seen a movie …

That's right … [laughs]

Because I'm a littleTown of KimanaAre you going to? ‥There is a "cinema-like place" in the town of Kimana, and you can watch a movie for 10 Kenyan shillings [about 10 yen] each time.I see.

So the movie I saw last year is probably the number one movie in me …Unfortunately I forgot the title of the movie, but I remember the actor's name.Who was the movie …

Chuck Norris.

My favorite movie is a movie by Chuck Norris. It wasn't such a new movie,It was a movie where Chuck Norris was fighting.It was a really great movie that made everyone who was watching happy.

The next time I go to see a movie, don't forget to take a picture of "a place like a movie theater". Also, I have to remember the title of the movie [laughs]. Oleseri!

Report:Luke [Masai]

Extra translation:GO Hatori

Photo: RocketNews24.

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