The movie to explore the aquarium where the puppy is closed is too cute


The movie to explore the aquarium where the puppy is closed is too cute

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), temporary closures of theme parks, movie theaters and department stores are taking place in Japan one after another, but many large facilities in the United States are also closed. Puppies exploring the aquarium, which is usually full of people, is open to the public, and just watching the puppies run innocently around the aquarium will be healed.

Two puppies running through the aquarium tunnel.

Located in Georgia, USAGeorgia AquariumPlaying with puppies protected by the animal protection group Atlanta Humane. Play with the aquarium staff …

Chase a lot of fish that you will see for the first time.

It is cute to look around here while shaking the patter and tail.

A giant whale shark runs around the side where it swims slowly.

I'm getting tired.

Completely turned away from the aquarium.

Still, it seems fun to play with the staff.

I'm sorry.

Zoos, aquariums, animal shelters, etc. are being closed one after another, but animals are living every day in the garden, and live streaming that distributes the situation is also appearing one after another. It is a healing mood that tends to be closed off when you stay home. The following is an image of a live streaming camera installed at a cat shelter "Kitten Rescue Sanctuary" in Los Angeles, USA.

Kitten Rescue Cat Cam powered by

(embed) (/ embed)

Sea otters at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Sea Otter Cam! ???? ❤️-YouTube

(embed) (/ embed)

Warrior Canine Connection, which sends service dogs and other services to veterans, also distributes how puppies play.

Puppy Playroom at Warrior Canine Connection powered by

(embed) (/ embed)

Similarly, the dogs are also relaxing at the Old Dog Senior Dog Sanctuary, a shelter for old dogs.

Senior Dog Gathering Room powered by

(embed) (/ embed)

The images of jellyfish that sway in the Pacific Aquarium will be healed.

West Coast Sea Nettles powered by

(embed) (/ embed)

The Pacific Aquarium is also delivering live streaming of many creatures, including penguins.

Penguin Beach powered by

(embed) (/ embed)

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