The network holdings of New Zealand used car sales to expand the business

*16:31JST the business holdings— New Zealand’s used car sales to expand the business
The business holdings<9619>In New Zealand used car sales business is expanding. The company’s main business is car leasing and related services,the leasing contract has expired for vehicles and other companies sourced from a used car sells. The sale of the vehicle route of the diversification and profitability to improve in 2016 12 months in a New Zealand company established its own direct overseas sales to route building. Previous fiscal year sales of about 500 units, steadily in the region laid the Foundation, and its business expansion as part of the 2019 7 November 1 in Auckland City,ICHINEN AUTOS (N.Z.) LIMITED 2 the third store Greenlane store opened.

This year is the 2nd getting in addition to years 1,400 units of used car sales goals to. 《SF》

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