The new Corona also enabled the seaweed to the human corona virus growth inhibition of the effect Central large research

The new coronavirus is China to the worldwide and prevalent. Chubu University on the 20th of seaweed, and human corona virus antibodies increase the effect that there are confirmed and announced. And the new corona virus effective against you can expect that.

【Here】The new coronavirus from the can to protect the disinfection and heating・the effect of the mask is?

■Live cells infected with the proliferation of viruses that can

Pathogens which is a kind of virus, the gene is protein wrapped in a structure. The virus itself is by metabolism,gene replication and division, and proliferation is not. But living cells when infected, the virus’s own genes to duplicate that could proliferate.

A virus is DNA [deoxyribonucleic acid]and RNA [ribonucleic acid], etc., genes to cells, unlike single-stranded nucleic acid to that. DNA, RNA of any one of the virus,the surface proteins and fats of the membrane [the envelope]covered in is whether the 2 types can be classified into. Membrane and RNA to virus human corona virus and the AIDS virus,A-type influenza virus, and the like.

Virus infection treatment,remedy, or vaccine, etc., using that method can be considered. But drug development is a huge cost and the years required. The other vaccine, if the virus itself is changing and at the completion of the effect can not be expected. And human corona virus and other RNA type viruses of the case, the membrane within the protein structure changes and the like.

■A new type of coronavirus proliferation suppression again

Chubu University, Jiangnan chemical [Yokkaichi city, Mie Prefecture], the Systems Research Institute and other researchers that consists of a group focused,and are included in the game-sulfate only. Research group RNA-type virus proliferation inhibiting effect game-sulfate is also found.

Human coronavirus infection of the experimental animals are not from the same structure with A-type influenza virus infection in the mouse for the game-sulfate the effect of all of these. Game-sulfate administered 3 days after the virus, the amount of the half that was confirmed. Also administered 2 weeks after the antibody is about 2. 3 times larger and growing.

From humans to humans to become infected with the corona virus from animals to humans infected with the new coronavirus is similar in structure to that. The research group in the future, corona-virus specifically develop products for that. [Article: Kadono 未智・The article list to look at]

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