The new corona is the global economy pneumonia into, or the wisdom of mankind is 厄災 to overcome it? (Below)

The spread of the momentum will not stop in China, the factory resumed production is still one of the world’s manufacturing industry into turmoil to.

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For example, the β-product to complete the A-J of 10 parts was necessary if any 1 is missing and the product is not complete. Many manufacturers a wide range of parts’s Republic of China and the world of suppliers to outsource production and collection of products to assemble.

This business model is the outage slip into the market to supply the goods will not be,that the manufacturers of sales management content is deteriorated. Investors corporate performance the impact of beginning to worry the result of simultaneous declines in stock markets around the world began. Decisive and know who more of the market upset of society, anxiety fueled, more the market is shaken to spread, a vicious cycle is concerned.

A further concern is China’s small and medium enterprises all have ample working capital has not do. According to one estimate, 1 months minutes of working capital with small and medium enterprises with the entire 3 minutes of 1 on that.

1 from mid-run stop of the companies in the Fund are depleted of business activities resume from a difficult destination, it may not. 99% of parts are supplied to the end of the 1-piece is, if the product is not. Many investors have raised concerns about them would have this problem, but this time a new type of corona virus, it is concerned the problem of the background 1 is.

Around the world the infection is growing a new type of corona virus related to diagnosis, speed up, or for the Prevention of vaccine or drug development in the world moving forward. Occasionally the information conveyed in a medical knowledge based on opinion but on the other hand, individual success the aim of the dubious information is also mixed.

Among them SARS research as research there. At the time of SARS virus-specific isolates, and the characteristics analysis before the 1 year period needed for research,science and technology advances now 2 weeks to shorten as results just.

As a result, the SARS virus and the new coronavirus is common ground that there was. Human infection with use when the virus to the cell surface”receptor”is the same for both the protein and the clarification seems to have been.

The United States Texas Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Peter・hotel needs a Professor and the Research Team,2 mid-current, and within 3 months human subjects to test for it so expect to have shown.

This research prospectus on, as well as vaccine and completed at the earliest 6 months beyond that. The spread of the momentum does not stop until celebrate 6 months of world views,it is difficult to anticipate, but the human nature of the confusion and of the modulation gets out of control that time,1 of the guideline, it is pretty.

Infection prevention of, and hand・gargling enforcing and mask the appropriate use of thoroughly in the community, vaccines are completed and good tidings to early to hear one. (Article: 矢牧 滋夫・The article list to look at)

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