The new corona is the global economy pneumonia into, or the wisdom of mankind is 厄災 to overcome it? (Top)

The new coronavirus infection of expansion of a sense of vigilance, the world of the stock market in chained prices are the situation and. 24th is closed for the Tokyo market, except Korean・German・French major stock index for the previous weekend compared to 4% decline. The spread of infection was confirmed in Italy is higher-40 brand name that consists of the FTSE MIB Index, the previous weekend compared with the more than 5% of the lower width and have.

【Here】The new corona, the domestic companies 6% greater impact concerns already Impact 2 assigned to Tokyo Shoko Research

The flow of U.S. stocks in if I can, the safe assets and US bonds are bought on the other hand, Apple and Microsoft and other tech stocks are lower, broadening the Dow Jones Industrial 30 said on Friday he Average closing price of $ 1000 exceeds the lower width was recorded.

Holiday dawn of the 25th, the Tokyo Stock Exchange in the previous week compared to the end of 437 of the depreciation of the Japanese yen 2 million 2949 yen trading begins from the lower width to expand the movement, followed by a temporary 2 million 2335 yen the previous week compared to the end of up to 1051 depreciation of the yen fell. After that, it will calm down as times while repeating the previous week compared to 781 of the depreciation of the Japanese yen 2 million 2605 yen at the close of was.

On 26th of the Nikkei average is down width is shrunk 179 depreciation of the yen and 3-day losses, and 27 days 477 depreciation of the yen and,finally last 11 months since 2 million 2000 yen of cracking 2 million 1948 the circle is closed.

In the market,the new corona virus global pandemic[pandemic]to the critical point is near, consciousness began to seem.

Wuhan, China from occurred and that the new coronavirus related to coverage is initially very restrained touch was flowing. China 17 years ago, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome[SARS] epidemic of concealment were learned from the new coronavirus related to coverage is not concealed as the person, but to the trend of the world was.

SARS the epidemic of information to the authorities concealment and exposure, the medical officer of Chiang Kai-shek: how long, Mr.,authorities also learned manage from this. Occurred history was the fact that from the front of the accused doctor to snub the results of the world credit lost China,at this time of valuable lesson not to forget about the going and the world is optimistic had received.

This is 19 years 12 months early SARS similar viral infected patients emerged,alarm bells rang in Wuhan city of ophthalmologists Li 文亮 Mr. police called a”hoax”spread like compelled admonition of the disposal had received. Lessons generated from the first,the same mistakes been repeated.

After all China is infected, which is expanding population 1000 million city of Wuhan city to a blockade that,unheard of situations had been. And, the Chinese authorities announced that the number of patients,patients of criteria is often changed and overlapped questioned the authenticity cast from. From China published for the information doubt this is the world of practice and the resistance to it.

So much confusion, followed by China,the world as a supplier of the functions of the state have fallen into. Each wiggle to the resumption of production, the timing of the announcement, but most are repeated and organized. World of manufacturers want throughout China, in the conventional production system to recover, the spread of the momentum is unabated as ever. [Bottom] followed by[Article: 矢牧 滋夫・The article list to look at]

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