The new corona of Japanese companies, 9% of the production・distribution hindrance to Vietnam as an alternative production

The new corona virus infection expanded the influence of China’s economy is in turmoil. Infection and to prevent the expansion of regional transportation blockade of done logistics network is cut off for business resumption after disruption can be expected to continue. Many Japanese companies have factories in China and other business establishments to have for the Japanese economy impact on the books. Procurement of materials in China relying on, many companies are already in domestic demand-oriented companies have an impact on the coming out.

Supply chain・consulting the future of procurement, the Institute is the new corona virus about the impact of Japanese companies 1 million 2966 companies emergency questionnaire 2 on May 13 carried out,supply chain・logistics・procurement-related practitioners from the practical realities of the investigation on the 18th, and the results published.

The findings, according to the new corona virus production・logistics・procurement about the impact on the whole 69% of”problems”and answers,19%is”under investigation”, and 12% were”no problems”have become. “Under investigation”and answered most of the companies from China on-time delivery of your the answer for this is also”a hindrance”to count in Japanese companies is 9% of the 88%of production and logistics is”a hindrance”and answers to the new corona virus in China by the economic turmoil in Japan throughout the industry negatively affects that.

Respondents ‘comments to find”parts procurement is running into trouble. The province of procurement compared with the Ministry, beyond and procurement suffered. Parts company also resumed in the prospect, is still a local also see”the situation was like.

As a workaround, the”domestic or Vietnam, etc. in alternative production”,”domestic existing holdings of stock use”,”alternative”, such as have been,used for mold manufacturers mainly in the hand”of the strike as there is no”answer with a few. Mold is present in China, if Japan and other countries an alternative to the land to carry the same mold can create in a short time is difficult.

The specific impact is a primary, secondary Chinese account of the production stop due to not only the office responsible for the absence of more information you can check the first assessment of even a difficult situation just like them. In addition, the Chinese government from the plant reactivation authorization is not the case and final pre-shipment of Japanese companies by the present inspection can be one of stagnation, as has been the case with you.

Primary Chinese supplier factories for the cessation of funding to deteriorate workers who lack a secondary placing orders to disability status, as well as seems. Also, alternative place to move and transportation of the block but it is also a difficult and serious situation. Early order recovery hopefully. (Editor in charge:Kubota 雄城)

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