The new corona, the domestic companies 6% greater impact concerns already Impact 2 assigned to Tokyo Shoko Research

Tokyo Shoko Research on the 20th,major and small, including approximately 1 million 2 thousand companies, of domestic companies of which,China’s development・the new coronavirus of impact according to the results of a survey announced. The production areas from consumption areas and a huge Chinese supply chain is long-term stagnation in 66.4%of the companies are”in it”or”the future may be affected”and answers. Wholesale trade and manufacturing a wide range impact on the industry spread in the construction industry and No. 1 in the industry is”no impact”answer is relatively bigger.

【Here】The new corona virus, the listed companies more than 100 companies affected by the production or Department store, Tokyo Shoko Research survey

Last year, 12 mid-China, Wuhan, Hubei province, was probably caused that the new coronavirus causes pneumonia, and China is not limited to Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and other countries around the world to spread. 17, the Apple is in China and production base of the production stop and the dealership closed down by the sales expectations of achievement can not effect, announced the Japanese semiconductor and electronic components, etc. of the companies stock price dropped significantly. The world economy influences starting out.

In such circumstances,the Tokyo Shoko Research, and from 7 days to 16 days from the new coronavirus of business impact according to a survey,domestic companies 1 million 2,348 companies responded. “You have on”companies that answered 22. 7%,”the future may be affected”and respondents is 43. 7%is reached. Global supply chain with manufacturing and wholesale trade, and other lodging industry・the travel industry including the service sector, inbound demand from retailers in the impact of stood out.

“You have on”companies and the impact of the as content were the most,”the trip’s cancellation, postponement”[39.3%], and”from the local suppliers is difficult”[35.9%],”sales decrease”[32.7%]followed. In this situation,”other than China from the procurement of strengthening”,”China expansion plans of Freeze・review”and”China shrink・withdrawal”consider a company that a certain number was.

In Korea here in a few days the number of those infected is expected to 22 days to the new 229 people infection is confirmed,the number of those infected is 433 people. The majority of Xintiandi Jesus called the Church a religious organization and its surrounding hospital officials. 同宗 cult body last year, the Wuhan branch is established and, this year 1 month in Wuhan to South Korea from the delegation were invited to the event as. Infected out of 3 deaths have been confirmed. [Article: dailyst・The article list to look at]

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