The new corona, the new recruits, celebrated the opening of the striking new corporate I

The new corona virus due to the confusion continues,The New Year began. Co., Ltd. disco graduates in employment companies have decided that student 399 people conducted an emergency according to the survey, the survey period of 3 month 16 days to 19 days, at the time of the ceremony of the cancellation of tell from the answer of 46. 5% scale reduction 26. 4 percent. After this, just by discontinuation of contact you would have received when thinking it,a lot of companies are this year’s ceremony saw,or a scale that measures such as this to be postponed.

However, this difficult situation may be under,young people of a lifetime, celebrated the opening of the striking and ingenuity in many companies.

For example, Itochu ceremony is ceased, the”best,celebrating life”and I by 岡藤 正広 Chairman of brainchild, from the headquarters entrance hall with the red carpet,what with 岡藤 Chairman and Suzuki 善久 The President himself, the new recruits of each and every welcoming and atmosphere was performed.

Also, recall even new employees can meet in a traditional ceremony to stop but instead, new hires about 170 name of work time slightly, respectively, to 1 minute,Yamashita 良則 The President words from”separate ceremony”was held.

Large enterprises, the company to the top of the voice directly multiplied to such an opportunity is rare. New employees would be worse. So in that sense it is unusual, but this year’s recruits had an unforgettable,valuable Monday, and come.

An unusual ceremony called Acura home for the ceremony only. The company every year,a carpenter born of a”co President”thing, Miyazawa, Toshiya, President,new employees, together with Canna sharpener directly to initiate a unique ceremony is known, this year is the new corona virus infection, expansion of the social situation, the 115 new employees to one of the locations is gathered first, the Department of National 17 bases. The relay connects”the distributed induction ceremony”was held.

The annual President for human resources of Canna sharpener, the relay through the national each site, all recruits are sequentially experience the other, the company of Japanese housing manufacturers, the first attempt by the deployment of unmanned housing exhibition to be active in the assistance robot,”the goal Kanna-kun”by non-contact orders issued were carried out. Also, each venue of the video distribution site of Youtube live, a family and employees to allow viewing and of course, parents also received good reviews.

Also, this year it is”Web Monday”only. For example, Toyota also by operating our Internet Media”New Times”available on the Web, ceremony was held. Former US Major League of global players such as messages from delivery.

The new coronavirus epidemic in the negative news has continued, but in this uncertain future of the situation in the ingenuity and effort even a little bright, I’m going to work hard have companies. Infection and prevent the spread to go outside unless restrained, the hand-washing,gargling,spraying, etc thoroughness of the course, the less negative too,mental IS have become. Infection sufficiently great, even in bright society in order to continue, ingenuity and imagination,you can still thank you. (Editor in charge:藤原伊織)

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