The new corona virus, the listed companies more than 100 companies affected by the production or Department store, Tokyo Shoko Research survey

Tokyo Shoko Research 7 days, the Japanese listed companies in China’s development・the new coronavirus to the impact of the Rome and the Smithsonian Institution’s Consortium for understanding and sustaining a biodiverse planet. The new corona virus the effect of sales or profits to push down and Yamaha, such as manufacturing, as the number of foreign visitors decreased already in 1 month of sales decline was revealed Matsuya, such as major Department stores.

【Here】New corona virus in Wuhan around the long-term closure (1/2) Toyota, Nissan, and Honda’s ability to respond to the point

On the other hand, many other listed companies,”effects of concern”do not”impact to determine it is difficult not been incorporated in the earnings forecast”for. One leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions that enable businesses to thrive in the cloud also results of the negative understanding, that range can be identified without that.

Last year, 12 mid-China, Wuhan, Hubei province, caused by the new coronavirus causes pneumonia around the world to spread China to the world economy, etc. impacts are concerned. 8 days in Wuhan, had admitted 新型肺炎 suspicion of Japanese men died. 7 evening, Singapore’s Ministry of Health infectious disease alert level to 2 from the top to the raise,in 2003 the outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome(SARS) and the same level as you.

In such circumstances,the Tokyo Shoko Research, the”financial reports”and”revision”as 6 of the date the new coronavirus of the impact of and response to the announced domestic listed companies 78 company and factory closures and stores of operational pause, such as to clarify the policy for listed companies 30 companies a total of 108 companies, it is the content of the survey.

Out of these 18 companies,the revenue and profit decline as a factor in the new corona virus the effect of your. For example Yamaha,”the spread of infection and concerns, such as uncertainty about the future to a certain extent incorporated”and in 2020, 3 months ending full-year results previous forecasts revised downwards. Also, the check・to・online retailing and Matsuya, such as Department stores, leading the tourists in the reduction of 1 month of sales decline announced.

Meanwhile, 42 companies”affect of concern”or”impact to determine it is difficult not been incorporated in the earnings forecast,”and the announcement. The new coronavirus of influence continues to expand,at the moment the performance impact of a difficult situation, but the relief was.

The new virus caused the land to China in 7 days,a new virus about early alarm bells rang the Wuhan Doctor, Li 文亮 his death. Lee,the Internet calling attention immediately after the”data spread is not as”public security authorities for interrogation, to receive admonition disposition had become.

Death of the information received, the Chinese SNS on the Lee hero view comments on admonition disposal under the Chinese government, the party’s newspaper as the media through sympathetic comments to share. On the other hand, Lee memorial against the words of the CCP’s information control dissatisfaction with the comments of the SNS to the post immediately deleted that situation even now continues. (Article: dailyst・The article list to look at)

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