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Fruit pie is newly released from FamilyMart! It seems that blueberries and fromage cream are used for everything.

I love Convenience Sweets for 10 years, and I love fruits as well as fruits, and I will review their charm! ‥

The new fruit pie is expected! ‥

I like fruits so much that I often go fruit picking during long holidays, and this time I was also caught up.

Family Mart used to sell strawberry fruit pies, too. It was really delicious, so I bought it again this time.

The quality of the fruit pie is known from the puff pastry, so I took it out of the bag so that it would not collapse. It has a lot of jam and it's a volume.

Let's eat it now! ‥

First bite

First of all, I will try only the pie dough. A sweet margarine-like scent that feels faint even before you take it to your mouth. I tried to eat it with excitement.

The taste of the puff pastry is lighter than I expected. If the blueberry has a rich taste, it looks like a good balance! ‥

Even so, the texture of the dough is really nice. It is crispy and you can enjoy eating. There is no feeling of satisfaction because it has a proper eating quality.

Then … let's eat plenty of jam together! ‥

With blueberries

No, the taste of blueberries is gentle! Although it has a gentle taste, you can feel the sourness well, so you will eat while chewing unintentionally. ‥

To tell the truth, I once ate the sour and sour blueberries that I had when hunting blueberries …. A little blueberry was a trauma.

However, this blueberry has a sour taste above all. This is addictive (laughs).

It also contained plenty of blueberry grains, and I felt that it was carefully made as a jam.

Finally appeared! Fromage cream

Plus, there's fromage cream beneath the blueberry jam! This cream had a very mellow and sweet taste.

It goes well with blueberry jam, and above all, the combination with pie dough is too natural … the cream that should be there.

I wondered if I didn't have this cream, I would have felt like “it's delicious, but I want another voice!”.

The sourness of blueberries may match this way because of the cheese elements of fromage cream.

The last bite is luxury

By the way, the last bit is … I made it bigger even for the photo (laugh).

If blueberry jam is used so hard, you'll want to carry it in your mouth.

I ate it, but first, the sourness of blueberry jam slowly begins to come. And fromage cream that comes gently later. I also enjoyed the texture of the pie dough.

When I try to eat it like this, the overall taste is sweet. On top of that, blueberries are a good accent and you can eat it without getting tired.

If you like sweets, I highly recommend this one! ‥

The fruit pie I introduced this time is 140 yen and it is very affordable to buy. The calories are 242kcal, which is perfect for a dessert after eating! ――

Not only for those who like blueberries, but also for those who like sweets, why not give it a try?

Store: Family Mart
Menu: Fruit pie (blueberry & fromage cream)
Price: 140 yen (tax included)
Official site:Fruit Pie (Blueberry & Fromage Cream) Family Mart

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