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The new “this world” is “a surprising piece”


Actress No. [26] attended a premiere of the movie “In this world [more] in a corner” [directed by Naoto Katazaki, released on the 20th] in Tokyo on the 9th.

A preview with live performance where Kotoringo [41] sings and plays "Sad and I can't do it". When I heard the song, “It was great. I thought it was good that I had goose bumps and came here today. I just want to immerse myself in the film and watch the movie.”

Three years from the previous work “In a corner of this world”. Non said that when he received this offer, “When the recording was 3 years ago [= post-recording], the director told me that he would make it again. But if the director was so busy, I was really happy because it was decided, and I was very happy to think that this scene and this scene will be added. "

As for the new work, “There are scenes that make you feel surprised, emotions are swirling, and the work is surprising.”

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