The newly opened super large store “At Cosme TOKYO” is a savior of lost make-up! You don't even know what you want to change … you can go !!

If you go to a department store for cosmetics, a clerk will recommend something. That's obvious, but within the brand's range. If you get around 5,000 yen with one lip, you use it because it's a waste."A better product somewhere …"While suspicious.

When the direction of makeup was decided after passing through the hatachi, it was a pleasure to develop new products. As a result, I am still the old gal makeup. If you do n’t update here, the future is too worried…What should I do now?

January of this year. Sites that have been seen at least once for girls"@Cosme"Road store,JR Harajuku station squareDawn and opened. This facility is huge enough to worry about rent, so it seems that you can choose products beyond the brand!た I was waiting for that!

-Ranking is justice

"At Cosmetic Tokyo" was very crowded when it opened. Although the number of customers has decreased since a certain time, such as the disappearance of foreign groups due to the new coronavirus, there are still about 5,000 visitors a day on average.

Specially, I visited the shop before opening.

What guided me through the hall Mr. Ito, “Director”. Anyway, there is a store manager at each of the three floors in the large At Cosmetic Tokyo, and Mr. Ito is in a position to look over the whole.

The near-futuristic space in the center of the first floor is the one that has long won the top rank in the at-cosmetic ranking."Entering the Hall of Fame"Products are just sitting there.

In addition to the online sales ranking, there is also a separate sales ranking section at the actual store [* At-cosmetics currently ranks all stores, but from April it will be the Harajuku store ranking]. It is interesting that the lineup is different from the net.

In addition, sold products are displayed on a monitor in real time in minute increments.

It is exactly how rankings from various angles are arranged throughout the store"Ranking violence"Should I say that? If you're worried about what to buy, choose the top-ranked product and you'll get at least no failure.

In the “Brand Pickup” section, you can find out not only what is already popular but also what's going on in the future, such as handling cosmetics that are likely to break in the future.

・ How to walk weak information

At Cosmetic TokyoTotal 600 brands, total 20,000 itemsIt is said that is sold. I knew most things would be available here. However, young girls who are sensitive to fashion do not know, and those who are weak in cosmetic information like meHow do you choose from 20,000?

Ito-san"Tablet for searchAre installed in various places in the store. First, select a genre, and then enter the desired type and price range to display recommended products. We would be grateful to have the staff consult with the results. ''

── This is amazing!

Mr. Ito: "If you don't know how to use it, don't hesitate to speak up. You can search from various perspectives, such as your favorite brand or the part you want to change."

──What should I do if I don't know where to change but want to change something?

Ito: "Oh, that's right … I understand you. That's what we're looking for, but we're going to introduce paid counseling over time. Would you please!

If you are vague, please consult with the staff. The staff is familiar with almost all brands, so I'd be very happy if you could hear them and I would be able to help. ''

── Thank you! What is the difference between the first, second and third floors?

Mr. Ito: "On the first floor, there is a busy bustling corner, while on the second floor, the passage is wide and relatively slow. The third floor is exclusively for app members [can be downloaded for free]. You can use it freely as a free powder space. It can be used even without shopping. If you can feel free to drop in make-up. "

──Fat belly! Can anyone come?

Ito: Of course.Men's cosmetics are also popularThen, salaried workers are often visited. The number of men who are making makeup, such as sales people who demand a good impression, is increasing. Often couples come to look for boyfriend's makeup supplies. The feature is that the foundation is thin so that even men do not fail. ''

・ Corona hates

The staff will sparkle their big eyes and explain, "This is a male item for XX!" However, I do not know the essential XX [brand name] at all. The strange air "Eh, you don't know xx …?" Flowed many times on this day, but it can't be helped.

There is something I have been looking forward to this day. I had watched it on TV before and thought, "I want to try it." so……

It is a skin measuring instrument!

If you put your face on this machine, your current skin condition and type, "Future stains" can be understoodThat's why Ara is strange. I wanted to worship the rumored latent melanin once with my own eyes. However……

Ito: I'm sorry …New coronavirusAs a countermeasure, we have stopped using skin measuring instruments now … "

──Such a killing …

Mr. Ito: "In addition to measuring instruments that can measure latent melanin, there is also a simple measuring instrument that customers can do on their own, but neither is currently available. Also, the nursing room in the kids space is closed. And free coffee and oxygen boxes … Honestly, I think this is the least interesting time … [laughs] "

Coronavirus has finally begun to affect our skin care. By the way, the skin measuring instrument seems to be quite a great thing, as you can select products by skin type just by putting on your face. Unfortunately, we will wait for resumption of use …

・ Age that shines

If you are walking in a large facility, your recent choice of cosmetics is no longerNot in the “just buy” dimensionI knew it was.

Too luxurious tester bar and …

In the mirror of the makeup repair cornerLightIs attached, and you can feel good. In the past, if the mirror in the shop was a “mirror that looks beautiful”, it used to be “scam” or angry in the past … but if you think about it, it's never better than a beautiful mirror.

In addition, each brand booth …

In various places such as space for application members, "Please take a picture please" “Spectacular specifications” Is given.

On the first floor there is also a Gachi shooting booth called "At Studio", which conducts events and live distribution.

I heard that the products introduced by the guest in the live distribution seemed to sell on the net at that moment. Well, culture shock. Cosmetics aren't just for buying, they're cute, fun, taking pictures …I'm already here!

・ Detailed data of facilities introduced this time

Store nameAt cosmetic TOKYO
Street address1-14-27 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Time10: 00-21: 00
HolidayIrregular holidays
* Receiving self-restraint from the capital,Closed temporarily from March 28 to 30, 2020And that.

Report:Ikuna Kamezawa

Photo: RocketNews24.

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