The new(true)”the sheep was covered with the skin of the Wolf”Toyota・Yaris-GR-re, 3-cylinder, 1.6 L turbo fuel economy 36. 0 km/L (1/3)

This improved fuel economy is eye-opening results as you. New Toyota Yaris at”WLTC mode fuel economy・best 36. 0 km/L”, of course,”GR”rather than the standard car, it is also a hybrid car is high performance and fuel economy can achieve both the technology development that it can surprise you.

【Here】Toyota, New Car Yaris release date is 2020 Years 2 months 10 days

Toyota・Yaris Toyota’s global strategic vehicle,in Japan, the”Vitz”in the name of sold you car for you. Automobile companies in Japan name overseas name for that move. Then, the”export”of the”overseas production”as Japan 逆輸入車 the global domestic overseas without distinction”・A Benefit Fund efficiency”to think about. This is also the”investment efficiency”priority to the needs of the Times would be.

Therefore, the body size change is large. New model Yaris body size,length×width×height=3940×1695×1500mm, wheelbase 2550mm, a width of half a century ago of the”white crown”size.

Japanese roads and Parking situation from say the bit width is large and. This quality greatly improves the price cheap light automobile is”better”as. Maintenance and light four-wheel automobile is dominant, and the Yaris like the car’s raison d’etre is being questioned too.

This Japan domestic market sales of new cars in of 4% of the light automobile vehicle and which is why. However, this”new Yaris”body size”athletic performance”and priority’s.

The new Yaris WRC(World Rally Championship) will compete to level the vehicle and for basic performance is a library that can accommodate maneuverability giving priority to the development of. This is a Toyota・Supra-BMW co-developed by Toyota, BMW learned from the technology.

MR (market research)from the package priority determines the size of the conventional Toyota’s approach, the first athletic performance to be a priority given the size,the packaging given that the reverse of the procedure. This is the traditional BMW method BMW each car is athletic performance superior to the secret that the Toyota is know for.

Therefore, the new Yaris is the new(true)”the sheep was covered with the skin of the Wolf”, and also said that the”GR”of the existence of course and that vehicle was.

The new Yaris standard car power unit, the newly developed 1. 5-liter direct-injection in the Series 3-cylinder gasoline engine with the maximum output of 120PS,maximum torque of 145N・m and. Acceleration for low gear with the CVT standard, with a 6-speed MT can also be selected. WLTC mode fuel efficiency,gasoline engine FF car 19. 6~21.6 km/L, 4WD vehicles 19. 2km/L and have been published. (Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at)

Read:New(true)”the sheep was covered with the skin of the Wolf”Toyota・Yaris-GR-re, 3-cylinder, 1.6 L turbo fuel economy 36. 0 km/L(2/3)

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