The Nikkei Stock Average is 113 yen in the start, Nissan themselves and Fanuc is weak

[The Nikkei・TOPIX [table]]

The Nikkei Stock Average;23714.52;-113.21 TOPIX;1704.04;-9.04

[May summary]

The 14th of the Nikkei average day ratio of 113. 21 depreciation of 23714. 52 yen and losses in the transactions began. The 13th in the US market, the Dow is 128 dollar was. China 新型肺炎 of the certification criteria and the change in the number of infected people has significantly increased in this,investor sentiment rapidly deteriorated at that point. Chicago Nikkei 225 futures liquidation value is Osaka than 75 of the depreciation of the yen 23715 yen. The yen is 1 dollar 109 yen 80 銭台 have remained at. This flows from today’s Nikkei Stock Average indices it is. Then lower the width to expand, etc. Incidentally, the 2 month as long as the options of the SQ estimate the market estimates 23744. 71 yen.

By industry, information and communications,metal products, excluding shipping, steel, Sky, luck, business, construction, pharmaceuticals, transport equipment such as LED in almost all industries is negative in trend. Trading top, Nissan themselves<7201>The decline is noticeable from Showa Denko<4004>In the<9983>, Honda<7267>, Fanuc<6954>The most negative trends. On the other hand, net One systems<7518>The rise of conspicuous in addition,SUMCO<3436>,Nexon<3659>Softbank G<9984>Such as is a plus remained. 《US》

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