The Nikkei Stock Average is 73 yen at the start, 7&iHD and Fanuc strong

[The Nikkei・TOPIX [table]]

The Nikkei Stock Average;23813.28;+73.41 TOPIX;1734.22;+5.17

[May summary]

10 days the Nikkei Stock Average on the previous day compared to 73. 41 appreciation of 23813. 28 yen after it began trading. 9 October the US market is on the rise. Iran and the conflict intensified to avoid that feeling as buying continued throughout the day, a steady transition was. In addition, China’s Liu Deputy Prime Minister from the 13th to Washington to visit on the 15th, the US-China trade negotiations the first stage of the agreement about the two countries plan to sign, was reported and was welcomed. Chicago Nikkei 225 futures liquidation value is Osaka than 45 of the yen’s appreciation 23745 circle. The yen is 1 dollar 109 yen 50 銭台 and the depreciation of the yen down trend. This flows from today of the Nikkei average on the South Stream gas pipeline project was started. Chinese government think tank is 12 months of iPhone sales is 320 million [previous year 270 million] is reached and the results are announced, Apple is rising, that high-tech stocks and 5G related to the support material by.

By industry, the warehousing and transportation related industries, machinery, pulp and paper, chemical, electrical equipment, Securities and futures commodity dealing activities,such as retailing is sluggish. On the other hand, Fisheries and forestry, iron and steel, electrical and gas industries, textiles, mining etc negative have remained at. The sales price the top, and 7&iHD<3382>YASKAWA Electric<6506>, Fanuc<6954>Softbank G<9984>FujiFilm<4901>The most sluggish. On the other hand, the<9983>,Telmo<4543>KDDI<9433>The most negative trend. 《US》

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